If you’ve found me, then you’re probably looking for answers, you’re


Burnt out



Stressed Out


Feeling Broken

Crummy and just plain Exhausted

(physically and mentally).


You just need a break,

A moment alone,

A restart,

A friend,

You need a win,

I hear you and I’m here for you.

I know exactly where you’re coming from, I’ve been there (around the corner and back) and I know how stressful it can be to be so stressed out! I’m so glad you found me & appreciate the time you’re taking to look around. It’s my hope that you’ll find this site filled with Inspiring health information to transform your life along with info about the different services & products that I provide.

I am the lucky mom of 2 very active plant based boys & am happily married to my best friend. In addition to my passion for plant based health & wellness, I have an ‘on again off again’ love affair with photography and a major addiction to running, but I haven’t always been the health advocate I am today. In my former life I unfavorably tested the limits of my body, mind & spirit…. I smoked cigarettes for just over half my life (until I quit in 2010 ‘whoot whoot’), I skipped breakfasts for nearly 15 years, my afternoon snacks were sugar laden, wax covered, corner store candies, & I would have laughed at the idea of drinking water (I use to go straight to Diet Coke after my numerous pots of coffee).

Now~a~days I shudder at what I put my body through, but realize that it’s actually a true testament of how strong & resilient our bodies really are! Needless to say, because of what I’ve put my body through, I’ve also had major reoccuring issues with depression, anxiety & PostPartum (read more here).  I’ve over~come these & so many more obstacles naturally with a lot of hard work, sacrifice, support & determination. 

Now~a~Days I indulge in fresh colourful juices & smoothies, and a plant based whole organic food diet. My go to stress relief is a mixture of herbal teas, meditation, positive affirmations, massive self care & family time. And my new daily addiction’s are sweating it out (specifically running 10k’s & 1/2 marathons & challenging my kids and hubby with free weights and burpees). I’ve made a 180 degree turn around & you can too! Because of my past, and where I am today, my approach involves the knowledge that change is not only possible, but totally do~able! I have a true passion & deep~down desire to help as well as manageable yet adaptable systems that bring results.

Given the chance, our bodies can & will heal themselves, they are freaking Amazing that way!

I work primarily with whole, organic, plant based foods, staying as natural & as close to nature as possible for any treatments. I teach & support my clients with all the enthusiasm possible throughout the entire process. As a wellness addict, I will mentor & motivator you to your new healthy finish line. So let’s get started on; calming your nerves and finding ways to let the stress go, balancing your nutrition in a plant strong way and bringing your body, mind and spirit to a whole other level with detoxing!

The Future is waiting
for people who believe
in the Beauty of their Dreams.