Tamara Maria

Tamara Maria

do you have the guts to be happy?


I’m Tamara Maria, the holistic health therapist guiding women everywhere to find the guts to be happy!

I’m currently addicted to long runs along the ocean, delicious detox juices, spur of the moment family road adventures & enjoying a lovely glass of wine at the end of it all.

I’m the lucky mom of 2 very active boys & in addition to my passion for self-love, mental health, gut healing, & plant based nutrition I have an on-again-off-again love affair with photography.

But what are you doing here and what is this website really about??

Here at tamaramaria.ca you will find all the love and expertise you’ll need to elevate and transform your tired mind and your battered body back to the beautiful, energetic balanced soul you once were. From innovative self love habits that are easily added to your daily routine, to clean simple recipes that will heal your gut and fuel your mind, to effective cleanses that can neutralize nasty parasites and candida that have tortured your digestion and taken over your personality! It’s all right here for you.

My programs are founded in self love rituals, key gut healing techniques, mental health therapies and a focus on my 7 steps to happiness; breath, simplicity, rest, hydration, nourishment, movement and reflection. This approach is designed to help restore and rebuild your base line energy, perfect for those who struggle with stress, depression, gut disorders and digestive health (which are often directly related!)

I use a flexible, no bullshit system that brings about life long results.

But who am I? and why should you trust me?

I haven’t always been the health advocate I am today…. My passion stems from my own personal (ill-health) history and the difficult lessons I’ve had to go through to heal myself. My past has brought me to where I am today and I work with the knowledge that change is not just a fantasy, but totally possible!

In my former life, I unfavorably tested the limits of my body, mind & spirit. I smoked cigarettes for over 16 years, skipped breakfasts for nearly 2 decades, my afternoon snacks were sugar laden, wax covered, corner store candies, and I would have laughed at the idea of drinking water (I used to go straight to Diet Coke after my numerous pots of coffee).

Nowadays I shudder at what I put my body through, but realize that it’s a true testament of how strong & resilient our bodies really are!

We deserve true happiness, it is our fundamental right.

I have a deep appreciation for how these issues can plague us and it’s what has brought me to create these natural ways of supporting you to have the guts to be happy.

Because of what I put my body through for many naïve years, I’ve had dreadful problems with conditions including; depression, anxiety, postpartum, IBS, constipation, chronic bloating, chronic fatigue, daily mental fog, learning disabilities, sleep disorders, anger issues, trust issues and so much more. I’ve overcome these obstacles naturally (plus a lot of hard work, sacrifice & determination). Given the chance, our bodies can & will heal themselves, they are amazing that way!

It is my true honor to spend quality time with you teaching and healing you to a new balanced soul.

My qualifications (SNHS Dip) have been awarded by The School of Natural Health Sciences in London England for the studies in Nutrition, Advanced Nutrition, Stress Management, Professional Relaxation Therapy, Business, Life Coaching & Kinesiology. I have also taken the following courses that I consider complimentary to my coaching;

  • De-Mystifying Mindfulness; the Universiteit Leiden

  • An Introduction to Global Health; the University of Copenhagen

  • Stanford Introduction to Food and Health; Stanford University

  • The New Nordic Diet – from Gastronomy to Health; the University of Copenhagen

  • The Social Context of Mental Health & Illness; the University of Toronto

With gratitude, I have been accredited by the AADP & am member of both the Canadian Nutritional Society & the Nutrition Society of the UK.

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