Our bodies rely on what we eat, what we absorb and what we don’t eliminate. Without proper nourishment, we risk depleting and restricting the ability of our hard-working bods.

Not cool!

It’s been proven that a good mood is maintained by healthy neurotransmitters (the chemical messengers that relay thoughts and actions throughout the brain). The food we eat gets broken down in our digestive tract and the nutrients enter our bloodstream creating a behaviour change in the neurotransmitters and impacting our moods.

Serotonin helps us feel relaxed (eating healthy slow-releasing carbs releases serotonin, tho eating too many can cause drowsiness) while dopamine has a stimulating effect (eating protein releases dopamine to make us alert, tho too much can make us irritable).

Concentrate on nourishing your body from the inside out, with uplifting and energizing foods. Focus on eating real foods; green veggies, raw fruit, and more nuts and seeds. Give less attention to the foods that are heavy and take lots of time to digest like meat and things full of sugar that steal our energy and give us that horrible crashing feeling. Right now, the easier the better! (and no, I”m not saying no to meats and sugar, just be conscious of the amounts you do eat).

Supporting your bod also comes from taking the right supplements. A good multi is a great place to start, but getting some blood work done and having a plan for any upcoming goals or helping with any health issues is important too.


ocean and starsNourishment also comes from filling your soul and spirit with something that brings you a deep love and keeps you alive inside.

This can be anything from church to astrology to surrounding yourself in nature or being around animals. So make sure you fill your soul as often as you fill your belly!