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5 reasons why infrared saunas should be on your selfcare list this winter

Body Self Care

I don’t care where you live, it’s getting cooooold out there (ok, not for you kids living in the southern hemisphere… maybe pin this post for mid March 😉 ). But here in the North, we’re starting to turn the heat on, put on socks daily (except prob my sister -lol) and thinking about comforting meals like soup more often. I don’t know about you, but I hate HATE being cold! – I’m 100% a sun worshiper – and there…

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10 cold and flu fighters every mom needs

You know the feeling. A slight tingle in your throat. Maybe you’re ears get plugged, or your eyes feel heavy. You may feel thirstier then usual or find yourself heading to bed…


you can put that lemon water down

Are you sick of the morning lemon water but still want the health benefits of it….. Do you feel defeated because you can’t drink all the water your body needs in a…

Body Mind

depression fightin’ lemonade!

Summer’s coming and who doesn’t love a refreshing tall glass of lemonade need a tall glass of calm and comfort. So why not add the power of #turmeric and help fight off…


Mega Dosing with Vitamins

There’s a quiet, almost secret movement out there of dedicated, vibrant, supplement users that have gone way beyond what’s deemed normal in the amounts that they take of certain nutrients. These dedicated…