my daily supplements (with links)

Quick no-nonsense links to my daily go-to vitamins. Stock up if they’re on sale!

Liquid Sublingual B12 – essential for all vegetarians and vegans and a source of energy.

1000mg Vitamin C – necessary for immunity and something most people are very deficient in (read more about Vit C here)

Mushroom mix – my #1 for stress relief!

L-Glutamine – perfect for gut health

L-Carnitine – essential for focus, memory and support with exercise

Turmeric – crucial for joint pain and inflammation

Daytime Zen/Stress Relief – another high quality for daily stress

Magnesium drink – an essential daily mineral that most people are super deficient in

Collagen drink – necessary for strong hair, skin and nails

Vitamin D – required during winter months, especially in northern climates

Probiotics – this one is specific for gut inflammation, but this company has a host of different strains

Niacin – great for cellular health, energy and metabolism

Zinc – Always have on hand when cold and flu season hits



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