values and mission


Here at Tamara Maria my mission is to show busy overwhelmed women everywhere that selfcare (aka selflove and selfkindness) can be so simple and easy to add to your daily routine.

This site is dedicated to giving you the ideas, motivation and inspiration to be able to make your life just a bit simpler so you can find and take guiltfree moments for yourself

every dang day!

By doing this, you’re going to uplevel everything so much so that you’ll notice yourself feeling happier, healthier, calmer, more fulfilled, and a less anxious and stressed human being.


The values that you’ll find here are very simple, organic, heartfelt and woman focused. I believe in family, selfcare and healthy mental health. I lead with my heart and try my very best to keep products that I use and recommend earth friendly, local and intentional. I do my very best to be inclusive and respectful, but aknowledge that I am always learning and growing.

My opinions are my own and I freely share my thoughts on things I’ve tried (both products and methods).

I aim to be your hub of inspiration and motivation for ideas and support for daily selfcare while building a strong community that you keep coming back to for support and unconditionl love.

xox tamara