I’m Tamara Maria, a self-care lifestyle consultant here to show you how to create & keep all the free time you want for yourself without the guilt, stress and burnout using my my favourite self care techniques, products, tips and more !

But what are you doing here and what is this website really about??

You’re here because you’re a badass mama. You work hard,( like reallly hard) and you know that the burnout and stress you feel isn’t conducive to building that empire, taking care of your family and living your life like you want (deserve) to. You also know that if you keep making everything else the priority you may not have the health or energy to enjoy it all.


Free time.

Free time all to yourself.

Here you’re going to find products, programs, training’s and rituals to easily implement into your busy life. Tips to create free time, to elevate and transform your tired mind and battered body back to the beautiful, energetic balanced soul you once were.

From innovative self love habits tips that are easily added to your daily routine, to mini retreats to transform yourself as well as high-vibe one on one coaching to really hit that next level! It’s all right here for you.

No more stress, guilt, burnout or excuses!

Having the life you want means you must take care of you first girl.

The products and people I share on this website are founded in science and well tested. I’m passionate about them and trust them to the moon!

My programs are founded in self love rituals, and a focus on my 7 steps to happiness.

My one on one coaching is 100% personalized for where you are and where you want to be.

All of my approaches are designed to help restore and rebuild your base line energy, perfect for those who struggle with stress, burnout, and other health issues like sleep, bloating, etc.

I use a flexible, no bullshit system that brings about life long results. And don’t be surprised if you you become healthier, have shinier hair, a stronger immune and way more energy!

But who am I? and why should you trust me? Read more about me here