The goal isn’t just to catch up on sleep but to find more opportunities to rest (as well as give ourselves permission to do so without guilt).

I want you to take all the opportunities you can to R&R (aka rest) and when I say that, I don’t necessarily mean get more sleep – although napping is totally okay.

Rest also means relaxing.

Put away the to-do list, leave the laundry for later (or for someone else entirely), turn your phone to silent and take a moment for yourself.

Take time to lay in the sun, read a long-lost book, sit with a furry friend or a cozy blanket, and just be in the moment.

We’ve been programmed to think if we’re not constantly on the go-go-go with something new or important looming, we must be lazy or unproductive. But that’s just not true.

Our bodies need time to unwind and relax. We literally need time to decompress from the rollercoaster of the day we’ve had and let chemicals in our body (like cortisol and adrenaline) regulate back to balance. ocean and stars

And resting can do that!

Just as air is life, sleep equals sanity! And sleep is another way to get your daily rest.

Getting to bed earlier and making your sleep count is vital. I know I know, I said go to sleep earlier … LOL and I get how hard that can be, sometimes the deep dark hours of the night are the only hours we have to ourselves … but true restful sleep is the only kind that’s really worth it.

Sleep is when our bodies can fully unwind and refresh. Did you know that it’s also the time when stress doesn’t eat us up and when our bodies can actually get a chance to repair themselves properly from all the earlier stress, germ attacks and muscle use?

Our hard-working bodies at least deserve that, don’t you agree?

Try an evening ritual (like the ones I talk about here) and see how much even just a small step can make in your life!


rest well!