Yup you gotta move and sweat to stay healthy girl.

Sweat out the toxins and move your muscles.

Get your heart and blood pumping (and remind yourself that you’re still able to move even when you feel like you can’t).

When we move our bodies and use our muscles on a daily basis we are helping to reduce the buildup of waste and toxins and get our blood flowing and circulation more active.

This directly helps the tension and stress that you’re probably holding in your neck, shoulders and lower back (though some people like me hold tension in other places like the thighs, jaw or temples).

You don’t need to sign up for a daily boxing routine or an expensive gym membership. Finding a fun activity and doing it for a good 15-30 minutes with an elevated heart rate is what you want to go for.

Need ideas?

  • brisk walk
  • jump rope
  • running
  • hiking
  • pushups or squats
  • lift weights
  • boxing
  • jumping jacks
  • skateboarding
  • swimming
  • surfing
  • soccer/football
  • tennis
  • basketball
  • baseball
  • bike ride
  •  take the dog for a walk
  • yoga
  • barre
  • kitchen dance party
  • break dancing
  • paddle boarding
  • tag with the kids
  • hopscotch

What’s your favourite way to stay active?

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