7 (basic) steps to self care

Welcome to my 7 steps to selfcare.

These are the simple yet very effective 7 steps that I believe everyone should ritualize daily. Trust me, you’ll see great results if you stay gentle but consistent with yourself.

With all of life’s stressors and our never-ending to-do list.. our bodies, minds and spirits have been overwhelmed for far too long, and believe me when I say they’re craving these easy and sustainable actions.

After a few days of adding these new habits into your daily routine, you’ll notice more energy, a sustained and positive mood and less fogginess in the brain. You’ll also notice more patience and happiness! Take advantage of all the ideas I have listed here and download my 7 Steps Habit Tracker-1 to help stay consistent and motivated!

Here’s a quick rundown of what the steps are, click on each one to get more info, ideas and explanations of why they are so important to a solid foundation of selfcare.

1. breathing

this is your time to get conscious of your breath and how it connects with your soul

2. hydration

water is life and dehydration is stressing your mind and body

jumping girl3. nourish

no diets, no cravings, just nourishment from the inside out

4. move

chemicals your body produces when you move are proven to get you from stressed to happy

5. rest

is not just about sleeping, but finding moments to rest your mind and body during the day too

6. simplify

letting go of what stresses you out and simplifying your life can be easier than you think

7. reflect

what we think about, we bring about and now’s our chance to be grateful for all of those things

with love as always,