more about me

I’m currently addicted to long runs along the ocean, delicious detox juices, spur of the moment family road adventures & enjoying a lovely glass of wine at the end of it all.

I’m the lucky single mama to two amazing guys and in addition to my passion for self-love, mental health & plant based nutrition I have an on-again-off-again love affair with photography.

But I haven’t always been the health advocate I am today….mom and kids on a mountain

My passion stems from my own personal (ill-health) history and the difficult lessons I’ve had to go through to heal myself. My past has brought me to where I am today and I work with the knowledge that change is not just a fantasy but totally possible!

I believe that full health is a three-ponged approach and must include the Mind, Body and Spirit. To neglect one is a disservice to them all, and focusing on selfcare has brought those all together in harmony for me.

Mind (mentally)

I grew up in a pretty strict family and I was pretty young when I began feeling like a burden, or that who I was wasn’t good enough. I never got good grades in school, I wasn’t ‘cool’, my interests or talents didn’t align with traditional ideals and I was always getting in trouble for something or other.

party girl I desired so badly to be loved and noticed that eventually I did whatever it took to get that attention. Never fitting in, but willing to do anything was a destructive path that I trudged down for many many years. It manifested in acting out, doing things that weren’t good for me and a numbness that was bone deep. This not only took a negative toll on my confidence, but on my selfworth too. 

Today, after a ton of growth, I can be found in a much happier place mentally. A lesson in the connection between our gut and mind supported my mental healing, and I’ve gained a lot of clarity that I was brought up the best that I could have in that moment in time. Generational trauma is passed down without consciousness, and sometimes it’s the ‘black sheep’ or outcasts that have the insight to break it. 

Body (phyiscally)

In my former life, I unfavourably tested the limits of my body. I smoked cigarettes for over 16 years, skipped breakfasts for nearly 2 decades, my afternoon snacks were sugar laden, wax covered, corner store candies, and I would have laughed at the idea of drinking water (I used to go straight to Diet Coke after my numerous pots of coffee). candy in a jar

Nowadays I shudder at what I put my body through, but realize that it’s a true testament of how strong & resilient our bodies really are!

Today I can be found eating a strong plant based diet, drinking green juices, running (a lot), and still enjoying all that life has to offer. The biggest difference? More stable energy and a body that doesn’t give out half way through the day, also cravings are gone! No more sugar crashes and terrible aches and pains. Oh and I kinda love my body now too!

Spirit (spiritually)

ocean and starsAs mentioned, I didn’t grow up very religious, though I did go to church occasionally (it never really resonated with me). What has always interested me was astrology (thanks partially to my dad for always taking me out to stare at the shooting stars). Whether it was the connection between us or something magical between me and the universe, I’ve kept this passion strong to this day and feel such calm and strength when out there in the dark just staring up.

My childhood love of collecting rocks grew to collecting crystals and my interest in the moons cycles and how to be more connected to our earth has grown too. These in turn have become my religion, the spiritual practice that keeps me grounded, full of faith and love and keeps me humble too (I hope).

 We deserve true happiness,

it is our fundamental right.

Because of what I put my body, mind and spirit through for many naïve years, I’ve had dreadful problems with conditions including; depression, anxiety, postpartum, IBS, constipation, chronic bloating, chronic fatigue, daily mental fog, learning disabilities, sleep disorders, anger issues, trust issues and so much more. I’ve overcome these obstacles naturally and with a shit tone of selfcare!! Given the chance, our bodies can & will heal themselves, they are amazing that way! I have a deep appreciation for how these, and other issues can plague us and it’s what has brought me to create these selfcare habits of supporting you to happiness.

It is my true honor to spend quality time with you teaching, inspiring and supporting you in healing you to a new balanced soul.

My qualifications (SNHS Dip) have been awarded by The School of Natural Health Sciences in London England for the studies in Nutrition, Advanced Nutrition, Stress Management, Professional Relaxation Therapy, Business, Life Coaching & Kinesiology. I have also taken the following courses that I consider complimentary to my coaching and your benefits


  • Stanford Introduction to Food and Health; Stanford University
  • The Social Context of Mental Health & Illness; the University of Toronto
  • The New Nordic Diet – from Gastronomy to Health; the University of Copenhagen
  • De-Mystifying Mindfulness; the Universiteit Leiden
  • An Introduction to Global Health; the University of Copenhagen

With gratitude, I’ve been accredited by the AADP & am member of both the Canadian Nutritional Society & the Nutrition Society of the UK.

xox tamara