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Mega Dosing with Vitamins


There’s a quiet, almost secret movement out there of dedicated, vibrant, supplement users that have gone way beyond what’s deemed normal in the amounts that they take of certain nutrients.

These dedicated and educated individuals have done ‘experiments’ on themselves (although there are numerous studies to prove their validity) to push their bodies to a higher limit, to raise their health and break through the average normal to new heights. smiling girl

It’s not all vitamins and minerals that are used, as some are not safe to ingest in higher amounts (*check with a trusted naturopath or alternative health professional) but some of these vitamins and minerals have very significant, positive, long lasting effects on our bodies (like Vitamin C and Magnesium).

handful of vitamins Dr. Andrew Saul is one of the (& my) most trusted alternative doctors around, and for good reason. This guys is educated as a medical doctor and has over 40 years of experience in natural health education. To top that off, he has a very obvious and incredible passion for helping everyone and anyone become their best, healthiest selves!

His latest movie ‘that vitamin movie’ was inspiring, educational and has forced me to take a good hard look at my half-assing vitamin routine (cue; cutting vitamins in half to get more days out of them just to save a few bucks or taking weekends off to ‘give my body a break’).

Now the thought or reasoning behind Mega Dosing with certain kinds of nutrients is simply to effectively and quickly top up our reserves. Many (like 99% of us) are depleted of vital nutrients. Everyday habits like poor eating, stress, inadequate sleep, smoking, drinking, dehydration, medication (and so on) keep us needing more to just survive.

jumping girlBut don’t you want to thrive?

That is what Mega Dosing is linked with.

Thinking of reviving that slow, sluggish body of yours? What about giving it a boost of immune busting nutrients before the winter storm of cold and flu hits your home? Have an issue of dietary constipation?

Mega Dosing can help!

Looking for some simple steps (the ones I followed when I did my first Flush) including the crazy side effects I felt just 24 hours later? Hit up my C-Flush tips *here*

xox tamara