Vitamin C Flush


Need a deep boost of Vitamin C for the body?

Want to flush out some nasty toxins and give your body an extra dose (or 2) of a super helpful vitamin that we all *desperately* need?

Feeling run down and not your old self?

You should consider doing a Vitamin C-Flush!

If you don’t know what the vitamin C-Flush is all about, check out this older post *here* then come back as this will all make a lot more sense….

So why (and when) should you even consider doing a C-Flush?

A Vitamin C-Flush gives your body very, very high (but safe) doses of vitamin C to the point that it totally saturates the system! This in turn brings the immune systems up to top speed and with that, can also support quick healing (* stuffy nose, scratchy throat, bothersome scrapes). This type of detox/flush method is ideal anytime you might be feeling run down (stress, changing weather, cold and flu season, back to school germs, holidays, vacations), when you are feeling the start of or are recovering from illness or trauma/surgery, or your immune system simply needs a boost. These (and more) are all good times for a Vitamin C-Flush…. just remember that to keep it balanced, you don’t need to do a C-Flush every month or two…. Once or twice a year is totally acceptable!

First off, some reminders why C is so important! (did you know that besides guinea pigs, and a species of bat, we are the only other living organism on earth that can not make it’s own vitamin C?) We NEED this stuff daily!!!!!

Collagen formation

Collagen is used in different ways in our body, mostly to strengthen the skin, blood vessels and bone. It also relies on collagen to heal cuts, scrapes and other hurts.

Antioxidant function

We’ve all heard of  ‘free radicals’ right? They’re those nasty bugger that damage cell membranes. Antioxidants are fighters that destroy free radicals, and vitamin C is just one of those powerful antioxidant fighters.

Iron absorption

To improve the absorption of iron you’ll want vitamin C, particularly non-haem iron (the form of iron found in plant foods for us plant based lovies.)

Other roles

This awesome Vitamin is used to produce other important substances in the body such as neurotransmitters and so much more.

How’s that for good stuff? Now let’s get on with it…

Here are the easy steps to getting your successful C-Flush on 😉

step 1.

make sure you can be home and near a washroom for the next 3-5 hours. (don’t worry that sounds more dangerous then it really is I promise.)

step 2.

plan to start first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach. (but don’t worry, after it’s all said and done you can go ahead and eat, just keep it simple and slow cause you’re system has been through a little bit of a ride.)

step 3.

grab a few liters of fresh chilled fresh water and make sure you have an appropriate vitamin C powder (see tips near the bottom)

step 4.

begin by taking 1/2 tsp of Vitamin C powder in 1 cup water every 15 minutes. *record your usage on a notepad so you have a record, it’s important for later*

step 5.

drink it down!

step 6.

continue taking 1/2 tsp of vitamin C powder every 15 minutes until you feel a rumbling in your stomach. *if you don’t notice anything in the first 4-6 doses, increase the dose to 3/4 -1 tsp per serving*

step 7. 

when the rumbling begins…. let it go! You’ll be ‘looking’ (you don’t have to look if you don’t want to) to have an enema like evacuation in order for it to have fully done it’s job properly. After the initial passing, it’s ideal to do an additional 1 or 2 1/2 tsp doses to flush out any remaining toxins and top up your C levels (try this at 30 minute intervals.)

But don’t stop here!!!

Weaning yourself off this mega dose is extremely important (as I have personally found…. scurvy symptoms anyone ???)

generally unwell feeling
loss of appetite
painful joints and muscles

Scurvy is not really common in our time, but it can happen! Dropping your Vitamin C dose to half or *gasp* nothing (after the flush) can be hazardous to your health for real. To prevent this very uncomfortable feeling (and slight health scare), you’ll want to include 2 addition medium doses of Vitamin C later on in the same day (1/4 tsp each).

As importantly as it is to lower the dose slowly, we also need to find your new daily dosage, here you have 2 choices;

#1 Slowly lower your daily dose by 500-750 mg per day to 2000- 6000 mg of vitamin C daily (divided into three doses).

#2 Lower your dose to approximately 75-80% of your bowel tolerance level (the total amount that you hit in step 7, see I told you to keep a record!) and stay the course.

*these options are personal, you may want to speak with you alternative health advocate*

Tips to keep in mind

You must use a buffered Vitamin C powder that includes calcium ascorbate and/or potassium ascorbate – this brings the pH up and ensures you don’t suffer from any gut inflammation that may occur when using ascorbic acid.

Increase your water intake through out the day because when you reach bowel tolerance you will lose some fluid through the evacuation. 😉 (think cucumber water, cranberry juice, herbal teas and veggie soups).

Most people will reach bowel tolerance at around 10-15 grams.

Always divide the total amount into 3-5 doses during the day as your body cannot store vitamin C for very long.

Interesting note on the RDA of Vitamin C

Animals, when adjusted for human size and weight, make the equivalent of 5-15 grams of Vitamin C a day, mostly in their livers when stress free. Production can more than double when the animal is distressed (but so too is consumption by the body!). Our genetic ancestors actually once had the ability to synthesis Vitamin C but lost it millions of years ago. The enzyme that converts glucose to Vitamin C (L-3 gulonolactone oxidase) is now missing in humans. Scientists estimate that without this mutation we would be making 10-30 grams of Vitamin C a day (this is 10,000-30,000mg). This makes the RDA of just 45mg look horribly inadequate.

**always speak to a trusted health provider before you begin any new health related regimen if you have questions**

xox tamara

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