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I just love Spring & the start of more frequent running races don’t you?

I live in an area that (thankfully) has year-round races, but it’s always exciting in the Spring when there are more & more of them popping up all over the place. If you don’t remember, I made an ambitious goal in September 2012 to run one race a month for an entire year. It went quite well but now that race season has finally shown up…. well, it’s getting pretty exciting.

The race attendance numbers are getting HUGE, the distances are getting longer (1/2 & full Marathons, etc), the number of people lining the streets is growing too & I’m just happy the sun is out 🙂

With this in mind, I thought I would make a ‘to-do’ list or ‘don’t forget’ list.

I’m sure we can all relate to the night before nerves & the morning of jitters. I’m hoping this list will help reduce all the craziness that can come. I’ve been there when that sinking feeling hits you that you’ve forgotten your ear~buds…. I’d never want to forget my fuel… can you imagine getting to the finish line & your go-to recovery drink isn’t there? Yikes!

So here it is, my little Race Ready List (& yes, it’s printable!!)

thins to get ready the night before:

  • breakfast (for me it’s just a nice hot double espresso)

  • race bag with:

    • fuel gels or bars

    • cell & music device & earbuds

    • hydration belt, water bottle

    • race bib, safety pins & timing chip

    • sunscreen & anti~chafing gels

    • hair ties, sweat bands, etc

    • sunglasses, hat or visor

    • watch, GPS, etc

    • after run needs *see below

    • cash & or credit cards

    • I.D. & emergency contact info

    • race info & directions

  • Meet up Spot

race day necessities:

  • running shoes

  • moisture wick socks (if you wear socks, I go without)

  • favourite shorts, spandex, running skirt

  • lucky running top & sports bra

  • warm~up layer or arm warmers/gloves

after run needs (keep in Race Bag):

  • post-run food & recovery drink

  • clean shoes or flip~flops

  • first aid kit with ice pack or muscle creams, Traumeel, etc

  • warm jacket & pants

  • towel or blanket

So, what do you think of the Race Ready list? Is it going to help you be more prepared & less anxious?