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No matter where you’ve been held up for the last few crazy years, you can’t hide from the fucked up fact that a massive recession is knocking on our door.

And for self-care’s sake, it’s time to put a few action steps together so you can still take care of yourself properly and put yourself first in all the ways!

While a recession is synonymous with money (or lack of it for that matter), there are more than a few explanations for how a recession could get started. Here’s a quick (non-exhaustive) checklist just so you can wrap your head around it… Recessions can start due to:

√ disruptions in the supply chain like oil, food, and even essential supplies (remember that yeast shortage of 2020)

√ any type of war (like the one currently happening to Ukraine)

√ elevated inflation (inflation isn’t bad – but excessive inflation can be dangerous, especially out-of-control inflation)

√ a spike in interest rates

√ times of sudden economic shock (like during a pandemic)

Looks like we may be able to check off a few of those scenarios. So now what (the fuck)??

No matter what area (or areas) of your life you’re feeling stretched or pinched in, click on the links below to get some practicable tips that should help make a massive difference in the weight of your wallet and your stress levels.

Listen, these things don’t last forever, but if we don’t prep and manage ourselves properly while going through them, we’ll end up coming out the other end worse for wear, and that’s not a place we want to be in (esp after the shit we’ve all been through). So let’s just not mess with this recession and put some selfcare first so that we can come out swinging k?

click on a link below for more info on how to selfcare your way through this recession

Food and Grocery Tips 

Gas and Travel

Supplemental Income Ideas

Freebies and Fun

Home Essentials

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