making commission income a passive boost to your financial selfcare routine

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Commission income is an incredible way to take care of yourself financially, and financial independence and freedom are a huge part of selfcare that many people, unfortunately, tend to neglect.

I get it, life is A LOT most days and it’s hard to get your mind around adding one more thing to your plate… but I also know that being financially secure is super important to you!

By definition, a commission is a payment made to a person for transacting a piece of business or performing a service (aka sharing a link, referring friends, creating a review of a product or service to help others make an informed decision, etc)

Whether you want to A) promote this type of passive income or you’d rather B) leverage it purely through your own spending power, you really can’t go wrong.


We all incorporate this type of transaction/service, but we don’t all reap the benefits of the potential income.

Maybe you rave about a particular hairdresser or barista to your friends who then go and bring business their way. Or you post about a purchase you made on a website, local biz or a vaca destination.

This could all be commission sales!!

Passive, commission income can also come in the way of flight miles, grocery points, membership rewards or even commissions. The trick is finding the one that:

a) doesn’t cost you more than you were originally spending,

b) is lucrative, duplicatable and attractive, and maybe most importantly

c) doesn’t require you to trade your time for money

I’ve always been a huge supporter of secondary, passive income streams. I think it’s one of the easiest, most ingenious ways to take care of yourself (and possibly others) financially. And the ones I’m sharing today check all the boxes!

They won’t cost you anything more than what you already spend daily. They’re lucrative, totally duplicatable and very attractive (sexy even) and most importantly, they don’t require you to trade your time for money!

is that even possible?

So let’s get started, click on the link below to learn more about that particular commission! And let’s start making passive income together 🙂

first commission offer

Get into crypto easily by earning Bitcoin just by doing your online shopping. Sign-up is free and there are over 1’000 brands to choose from, many of which you already shop with! Simply activate an offer and shop as usual. You’ll automatically earn Bitcoin rewards in your wallet, and sharing your code with friends and family can increase those earnings. (You’ll need to use your phone to activate and start this offer)

More free links are coming soon, so keep an eye on this blog!



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