Do it yourself mini~retreats

I hear you girl… you’ve got a pretty healthy lifestyle but you’re looking for a way to top up your energy!

Maybe you had a bit too much over the holidays or long weekend & you feel it’s the right time for a quick tune up.

This pandemic has just been way too long and with everything going on, things that you’ve had to take on are piling up, you’ve let your own self-love slip.

let the guilt go, It’s ok, cause it’s happening to us all right now.

I know you’re ready for a boost but I bet you feel you just don’t have the time…. or the energy….

Even in the ‘good ol days’ when birthday parties, visiting guests, long weekend trips, stressful weeks at work, long nights up with the kids & crazy vacations put a damper on our health this mini retreats was much needed…. But now…. hellz-ay it’s more than NEEDED!!

These mini packages of amazingness include everything you need to self-care yourself back to wellness and love! So give yourself permission to turn off your phone and lock the door, no need to leave town unless you really want to cause your prob can’t leave town!

Choose from the following 3 themes:

* Reset (detoxifying)

You’ve gone a bit over board on the unhealthy (it’s ok – we’ve all been there). Too much junk food, alcohol, sugar, late nights? The Reset Retreat is perf for you! Filled with easy to make (or buy) juices, smoothies and soups to give your body that break it needs while still being nourishing and detoxifying. You’ll also have a list of simple but effective self care detox techniques that included things like dry brushing and bath recipes, new daily routines to try include meditation and stretching techniques and loads of time just for you.

* Relax (calming)

You’ve had the most hectic day (week, month, year, life, pandemic)…. You’re desperate for some calm and relax but have no idea what to do to actually feel relaxed at the end of it all? Have no fear, this little Relax Retreat is just for you! Download my special Spotify playlist, print off the nightly meditations and pour yourself one of the calming drinks. For the next 3 days (or more) it’s all about falling into a deep relaxing space to fill your cup with love and space just for you.

* Recharge (energizing)

You’re so exhausted and run down you can’t function anymore… Feeling sluggish in your mind and body? Need some uplifting energy that’s sustainable? Then this Recharge Retreat is what you need, you’ll receive safe and effective suggestions to substitutes to your coffee or tea that energize your naturally (no more mid afternoon crashes), simple yoga moves to uplift your energy, foods to charge your bodies battery and so much more!

In every do it yourself mini retreat you’ll receive

  • daily check lists to keep you on target
  • meditation guidance & mantras
  • simple ideas to ‘unfill’ your time
  • music, book and movie suggestions
  • recipe ideas (food and drink)
  • and tons more

These mini retreats are perfect for a long weekend alone or with a group of your bff’s, pamper yourself after a tough week at work, a stressful holiday season or just because you’re worth it (cause you are worth it)

Are you ready to experience:

  • More Energy
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced cravings
  • Improved clarity
  • Balanced digestion
  • Clearer skin
  • Better moods
  • Even temper
  • & even more

Make the commitment to yourself now!