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5 ways to keep active on vaca


Staying active and moving your body is a must for good health (read more about why movement is also vital for selfcare here).

but what about while on vaca?

Listen, I’ll never tell you to work out every day, that’s ridiculous and can be unsustainable. And when you’re about to head out of town the thought of working out every day can get you outta of vaca mood fast.

but there are a few activities you can sneak into your travels to keep you active without compromising your fun!

1 Walk it!

Every new place has sites to see and what better way to get your steps in than to walk the town. Put on some cute and comfy shoes when you go out to shop or when sightseeing and take a long way.

view off mount doug in victoria bc2 Hike it

An even better way to see the beauty of where you are is to go up! Ask the hotel or check out a local IG influencer for some pretty hiking trails or lake walks nearby, it’s the best way to get the ultimate glowing selfie! Don’t forget a water bottle.

3 Try a free class

Sign up for a free gym day or yoga class! This one is a bit out there and could get you out of your comfort zone, but it’s a great way to meet new people, especially travelling alone! Many gyms and local yoga studios have a first-class free, so take advantage! you never know what could happen 🙂

4 Utilize your hotel gym or pool

Really, it’s there for a reason… sometimes you just get that urge to work out on vaca and it’s so convenient to have right there! You may even have a chance to try a new machine or move. Some hotels also rent volleyballs, bicycles, scooters, golf clubs and other items, take advantage of this and have some fun.

5 Try something totally new

There’s this fun thing that happens on vaca… we do things we usually don’t do at home! So why not go out dancing, ziplining, paddleboarding or rollerskating! There are so many things to try and it’s the perfect excuse (no one you know will see you and you don’t have to buy a bunch of equipment)

Vaca is something sacred, but there is something to be said about consistency. And we all know how shitty our moods can get when we miss a few too many days (on top of all the other extra’s we do on vaca; drinks, sleeping in, food food and more food!) So this is more of a just so you know kind of blog, you do you girl (especially on holidays)