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6 ways to uplevel the selfcare in your bathroom for under 425$

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Having a sanctuary is important when talking about self-care, and one of the places we think about when we think selfcare is the washroom. I’m sure you’ve seen the before and after photos of some amazing bathroom renos, but what if you rent a small flat (and share a small washroom with 2 teenage boys)? It can be a bit trickier to get that spa-like feeling!

welcome to my world! lol.

But believe it or not, I’ve been able to revamp my space into a relatively sexy sanctuary without making it too much for the boys, keeping it rental safe and all under 425$!!

here’s how!

Shower Head

You, like me, probably don’t have the ability to change out your tub to be a goddess bowl of luxury, maybe you don’t even have a tub! But one thing that is super affordable and relatively easy to change out is your shower head! We were suffering from a low-flow shower head that made it difficult to rinse the conditioner out of our hair and feel totally clean. If I have one regret, it’s not changing this out sooner! The one we put in includes a hose – which makes cleaning the shower much easier for the kids too! lol (62.99$)

Towel Warmer

I’ve wanted a towel warmer for years but funny enough because we didn’t live in a cold winter climate I thought it was too much of a silly luxury. But after a good talking to (me talking to me), I decided that I didn’t have to suffer through a cold winter to enjoy a nice towel warmer- and you don’t either! Maybe it rains a lot where you live (like here on the wet west coast) or maybe you just want a nice warm towel after your bath! Heck, we’ve even started using ours to dry off wet socks and pants (sexy I know)… but it’s totally worth it! And if you aren’t able to mount it to your wall as I did, many of these have legs attached. (119.00$)

Affirmations as Art

I love practicing affirmations and I also have a habit of putting them on stickie notes all over the house so when I found these shower affirmation cards I knew I had to have them! They stick to your shower wall with a bit of water and comes with 20 different sayings to pick from. I think they look super cute and their such a nice reminder when you’re trying to get set for your day! (22.00$)

Bath Pillow

I don’t take many baths (my tub, like so many others in a rental, is a bit too small to get comfy), but when I do need a nice soak it’s even more uncomfortable to prop my head in the corner on the hard tiled wall! So I treated myself to a bath pillow and feel so much more comfortable and relaxed now! (35.99$)

I also decided to uplevel the situation with a bathtub tray because when I do get a chance to chill in the bath I also love watching a good show or binging some tv and having cup of tea (or glass of wine). This adorable bamboo tray helps these things don’t fall in the water! (35.99$)

Water Proof Music

Music has this way of making my day better and I don’t know why more people don’t listen to music in the bathroom! It doesn’t matter if I’m in the shower, having a bath or doing my makeup for the day, I love listening to my fav tunes or podcast with these waterproof speakers. I can even set them up to play the movie or show I’m watching when I’m having a bath. (127.99$)


Plants. Plants in every room of your house is always a good idea (See this post for a few ideas), think something simple to take care of in a humid environment like a cute little fern or eucuplytus which is helpful during cold and flu season.

I hope these products can help you up your selfcare routine!