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2023 Mother’s Day Ideas

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I love Mother’s Day.

Whether it’s the adorable crayon cards, the anticipation of brunch, or a spontaneous spa day, it’s the day we get to spoil our mamas and be pampered by our babies!

Here are my top Mother’s Day gift ideas

♥ Bath items may seem ” been there done that” but why not get something super luxurious and extra like these bath bombs handmade by a local goddess! Full of organic, skin-loving cacao butter and scented with essential oils for a relaxing and rejuvenating aromatherapy experience. I swear you’ll never go back to anything else once you’ve tried these!

♥ Flowers are always nice, but have you ever considered getting a plant (indoor or outdoor) as a gift? Think peonies, roses, lilies, daisies, or even lavender. They are perfect for a patio or to transplant into a backyard garden and every time she smells the beautiful blossoms she’ll think of you. (check out a post about which plants are epic for indoors here)

♥ Chocolates, or a favourite hard-to-find candy and a chilled bottle of prosecco and or sparkling rose can always hit just right (or go ahead and make these French 75 Jello shots for a fun afternoon)! Wrapped in a pretty bow, why not include a cute crayon card saying how much you love her and what she means to you!

♥ Don’t let those romantic commercials fool you, jewellery can be a great gift for your mama as well! One of my ultimate fav’s is a shop called Little Gold, they’re online, local to Victoria BC and craft their pieces to the highest quality! (don’t mind that the link goes directly to my next purchase… isn’t it gorgeous)?! I’m sure you’ll find something perfect here for your mama.

♥ Now, some mamas may love to dress up, but I’ll wager that all mamas love to be comfy and cozy too! Danna over at Sweet Soul Company has a purpose to inspire us all to wear our vibe and live with intention and she makes these sweet mama sweatshirts that are so cute and so comfy-cozy. They’re perfectly oversized and soft as ever- and the saying ‘sweet mama’ is just perfect for Mother’s Day don’t you think!! They come in 2 different colours and are under 60$ so maybe get one for all your mama friends.

♥ And last but not least, a fav gift that I get from my kids, is time with them! I know I know, some of you overwhelmed mamas are not going to want this as a gift (yet) and when mine were little a friggen break was what I would have preferred, but hear me out… now my kids are adults and have these incredibly rad and active lives that don’t include me like they used to, and I find it’s something that I crave. So I die a little bit inside and do a funky little happy dance when they find the time to not only spend with me but have things to tell me and catch me up on their lives.

That’s it from me for now, I hope these gift ideas helped you find the perfect something for the mama(s) in your life!


Tamara Maria