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to do list and goals (circa 2010)

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tamaramariaHi, I’m Tamara. I’m a mom of two, a wife, a sister, daughter, and friend and I hope so much more. I’m probably like you, I have too many things that need to be done and just as many that I actually want to do…. and no clue where to start.

Please don’t take this personally (if there is in fact anyone out there) but this blog is mostly just for me (but you can read if you wish)! This blog will either help me find a way through my endless lists of ‘to dos’ or it will keep me so busy that everything falls to the wayside.

**this blog post was first posted on an old blog (my very first blog)

called transforming tamara on August 29, 2010

I have reposted here  exactly 11 years later! **

Regular Daily To Do List (In no particular Order)


~Eat Healthy

~Run 5Km (practice for half marathon next May) Or workout at home (yoga, weights)

~Have a Clean House

~Study Courses (Nutrition, Stress Management, Relaxation Therapy)

~Take Plenty of Photos

~Spend Quality time with both Boys and my Husband

~Relax, Read, Etc…

cakeHAPPY NEW YEAR ! ! ! !

Being the ‘beginning’ of a new year for me (September being my birthday and all). I thought that I should have some sort of a goal for the next year.

I want great goals (doesn’t everyone?) I want to see amazing results, I want to feel fantastic, I want my life to change, I want it all!

I will try to put my goals into nice neat little groups (us Virgos tend to be organized)


I will finish! Haha, this is sooo easy to type. Let’s see, I will finish by November? I plan to do school work every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9am till noon. This way I can still walk my boys to school and pick them up for lunch without guilt! If I calculate this right… I have 140 chapters left, at 3 hours per day, 3 days a week…. that means I need to do between 4 and 6 chapters a day to be all done in November.

Can I do it? This means, I will officially be a Nutritionist, Relaxation Therapist, Stress Management Therapist, and have a Buisness diploma!

Whoop whoop!

That would be a great way to get back into the world after being a stay at home mom for 7.5 years!!!!

O.K. Goal Set!

bc ocean and rocksPhotography

I will do more!! Haha, again, easier to type then do. I have decided to set aside Wednesdays for my photography. It will give me a break from school and, honestly (and hopefully) if I schedule it in, I may actually do it more often.

As for more specific photography goals, I would really REALLY love to get some of my shots into (and win) some fantabulous contests! This means tho, that I need to get out there and take some FANTABULOUS shots. (it also means I need to know what contests are out there and what they are looking for in order to go out there and kick ass!!!).

Wow, that just turned into a bit more work then I though…. But oh so worth it no?

I have signed up to receive a ton of emails regarding photo contests, so hopefully that will end the hours of internet searching on my end.dust pan and broom


oh yes, the house. I have decided quite recently that I AM NOT SUPERWOMAN, nor do I want to continue to try to be. Therefore I have ‘given up, given in’ or whatever you want to call it, and will only be interested in cleaning the house on Friday’s. (of course sweeping, and dishes and such will be done when it’s needed, I’m talking about washing floors and the overall cleaning of the house).



With all of these Schedules for myself, I am also going to be doing a lot of reading. (Not just fiction either, although I have gotten into books A LOT – thank you Eat Pray Love!, I am also talking about self improvement books) I have started reading “be your own life coach” by Jeff Archer ( a teach yourself book) and am doing this chapter by chapter with my husband. We have always talked about getting a mentor or coach to help us with our dreams and ambitions, but could not fathom the money commitment.

12$ and 1 hour later, I left the bookstore with our new mentor/life coach. I can’t wait to do this as a couple. We are doing this together, taking notes, keeping up with each other, helping, etc. After just the first chapter I must say I am learning a lot about myself and Chris!

reading upside downI am also reading another great GREAT book (actually I have it on iTunes not in an actual book). It’s called “The Art of Extreme Self Care ” By Cheryl Richardson. If you are a women, a mother, a sister, daughter, wife, or even a man. If you have any type of issue with your own self care. READ THIS BOOK. I have had it for months now, and actually kept meaning to do her chapters one by one every month, but thought to myself… no, I can just do them whenever I want…. Ha, it doesn’t work that way… I am now as of September 1st going onto chapter 2. I will do a chapter a month until my next birthday and hope, along with the life coaching book that I will see the ‘real’ me and learn how to live a better life! (along with these self help books

I will probably keep watching periodically The Secret, listening to Bob Proctor (awesome) and more. A good friend of mine told me to get “Power of Intention” by Wayne Dyer (another great guy) – I have one of his books and love it.

Oh wait, here’s a link to follow. If you, like me, love these types of books, movies and positive things you NEED to check out HayHouseRadio This is the most amazing radio station I have found to date. You will recognize a ton of names and will find yourself feeling happier then ever. Check it out…

Now I’ve lost my train of thought….

oh yes, Goals.

1 – schooling

2 – photography

3 – housework (not really a ‘goal’ but more of a reminder to slow down and keep it simple)

4 – self improvement

5 – health ok…

Healthworking out with weights and a juice

I plan to workout everyday… hmmm, a little vague. Ok, I plan on doing one of two routines everyday:

1 – 20 minutes of spurt running (Run hard for 30 seconds then jog/walk for 1 minute) as well as 20 minutes of light yoga.

2 – 20 minutes of jogging as well as 20 minutes of spurt exercises (sit ups, lunges, etc…)

I also plan on taking all my vitamins everyday without exception. I take Vitamin C every morning, Vitamin B and Omega 3’s at Lunch, Calcium with dinner (along with Vit D in the fall and winter) and probiotics at bedtime. I am also reviewing my grocery habits and costs. I am thinking of joining a group that will deliver organic and locally grown fruits and veggies to your home every week. I don’t care for the waste of gas, but think that the variety and fact that it’s locally grown are a great idea if only to at least try!

I’ll keep you informed on how it goes… wow.

I mean WOW this is a lot of stuff. I’m going to sign off for now in order to take this all in. It’s going to be a great year don’t you think? Learning and Growing.

Can’t wait. Oh ya, I also plan of keeping up to date with my 2 blogs every Sunday night (this is tv night so if it just doesn’t mesh then I’ll change it to another ‘slow’ tv night… we’ll see)…

a blast from the past

Reading this really brought it all back to me.

The beginning of my health journey, the start of my love for blogging and how determined and successful I was! Although I’ve taken to giving my new years ‘themes’ instead of the traditional resolutions or lists, I’ll be sitting down this week to recreate this one. With all that I’ve been through it will be interesting to see how many of my goals have changed.

Do you write out goals or dreams?

Do you tend to make your plans in September or January (or another random month)?

xox tamara