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Easy Morning Routines

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They say how you start your day is how your day will go…. and it’s so true – so let’s start our day with some self care, love and kindness shall we?

Trust me I hear you, practising self-care every day can be difficult, daunting even.

And if you’re don’t have the type of schedule that gives you plenty of ‘me time’ in the morning, (or aren’t a morning person like me) it can mean putting yourself first is nowhere near top of mind.

But if I’ve learnt anything in my experimental journey to self-care, it’s that you don’t need a lot of time or money to put selfcare into action, a few tricks and tips is all you need to make it easier & stressfree!


Before you even jump out of bed – check in with your body. You’ve been horizontal for (hopefully) a good 8 hours which means you probably haven’t been moving around a lot. Your bodies circulation isn’t great and you may be feeling stiff and sore. Your bod will most likely need a nice stretch before you roll out. Mentally or with your hands, take stock of your muscles, joints and limbs. Massage anything achy and be gentle with yourself. Take a few slow deep breathes in through your nose and slowly let them out through your mouth. Fill your lungs. Take your time.

water jug with lemonTwo

I’m not going to get into the debate of breakfast being the most important meal or intermittent fasting being the ticket – you do you, but now that you are outta bed it’s time to love on your insides! Grab a big-ass glass of water and add a pinch of salt, some fresh squeezed lemon, acv (apple cider vinegar) or your other fav electrolyte. Hydration is so important for our cells, joints, skin and brain and after a long night your bod needs this!


I’m sure you’ve heard everyone out there telling you to stay off your phone first thing in the morning… but sometimes that’s so hard to do! so I say, if you’re gonna hit your phone for whatever reason – make sure it’s going to inspire the sh*t outta you! Turn on an uplifting podcast, check out an inspiring pinterest board, put on some music that moves you in good ways and makes you smile.

News, emails, and texts are gonna be there waiting no matter what, so wait until after you get dressed and have your coffee 😉


One of the life changing habit’s I’ve created, so that I use the time I have in the morning as wisely as possible, is to plan ahead. And the key to good planning is to anticipate all my road blocks and time wasters. What do I mean by that?

say no matter what you do in the am, you can never pick an outfit out in less then 30 min, or you always find yourself rushing and don’t have time to make your lunch… anticipate this and get that sorted the night before. Do you hate waking up without the sweet smell of coffee… you guessed it- get that done before you go to bed. Also, do you know you need 30 min to workout or read before you feel human, plan that into your routine and get everything else that could derail that set up and done the night before!

Any way you can plan ahead and ensure your time is spent doing the things that make you happy instead of stressing or rushing around it a total must!


And finally, create some rituals that make your morning more special. This could include anything like lighting your favourite candle with your favourite scent (one of my fav morning rituals) or opening the windows and letting the fresh air in. Maybe you want to enjoy the daily Wordle or your coffee naked on the patio… whateve’s girl 😉 If it lights you up and contributes to a positive energy for the rest of the day DO IT, and do it E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y.

simple right?

it can be… just try one step at a time and be consitent!