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10 plants that help relieve stress and anxiety


Not to jump on the pandemic plant wagon…. but there are some real solid reasons to have these beauties in your home, office and life. Living plants can help relieve our stress, anxiety and uplevel the vibes (aka energy) in a space. And couldn’t we use all the help we can get?

Let’s talk about the top 10 plants you need in your life today. These will not only help relieve your stress and anxiety, but can help clean the air of dust, toxins, chemicals (and maybe even that stink you get from teenagers, cats, sports bags, etc)… hey a mama can dream can’t she 😉

lavender plant for anxiety

I’ll start with the bedroom. It’s an area where we hope and expect to feel calm and relaxed, but that doesn’t always happen easily. Adding some life and subtle scents can calm your brain and help relax you into dreamville.

For real!

Try something like a cascading Jasmine, a small Rosemary bush or a Lavender tree. All of these are relatively easy to care for and have a light scent that can help with anxiety and stress.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow — Audrey Hepburn

snake plant for clean air

Our offices (whether at home or away) can be filled with nasty air, dust, germs and other peoples ‘stuff’ floating around. From the chemicals in the printer, dirt from everyone’s footwear, and smells we can only imagine where they came from! The best plants at cleaning the air for exactly these reasons are;

  • snake-plant (or mother in-laws tongue)
  • spider plant
  • and peace lily.

Again, these are super easy to care for – just water a little bit every few weeks and a few kind words everyday.

All gardening is landscape painting — William Kent

mint plant for the house

Let’s think about our kitchen now. Scents that can keep up stimulated and happy include Basil, Mint or Rosemary. These work double duty as you can add them into your meals for a fresh new taste or add them to fancy-up your drinks!

Even the tiniest of flowers can have the toughest roots – Shannon Mullen

eucalyptus plant for the bathroom

Our bathrooms are places where we can spend a lot of time in. Hot showers, relaxing baths and rushed mornings (sound familiar)? So why not try some eucalyptus… hang a loosely tied bunch in the corner and feel the refreshing clearing scent! (it’s also a great sinus cleanser during cold and flu season) These humid rooms are also ideal for ferns, which can help clean that stinky air too.

which ones do you plan on adding to your space?