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forget resolutions, if you want to start the new year feeling blessed, confident and motivated try this!

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It never failed, the end of the year would come and I would think back on all the things I didn’t get done, all the forgotten items on my epic to-do dream list and on all the resolutions that I ….


and then, feeling fuckin’ defeated, I’d start planning how I’d try to do better next year.

I mean talk about depressing!

What a shitty way to end the year (and start a new year)

Why even bother I thought. I really did 🙁

And for awhile I actually stopped doing resolutions because it was just too depressing knowing that in 12 months time I’d be right back here feeling like a shitty failure, doubting my determination, my dreams, and my basic capabilities to be better – ha!

But the thing is… I actually like love having goals and visualizing things for my future! I’m the girl who comes with a stack of magazines, scissors, poster boards (and champagne) to make dream boards at your New Year’s Eve Party! So I knew I had to figure something out.

Seriously, if you want to start the New Year off with confidence and a shit ton of self love you need to do this instead of (or at least before) setting your next New Years Resolutions!

Listen, have you ever gone into a situation already feeling shitty and then end up having the worst time…

ya… it sucks

now think about the situations you walk into feeling happy and blessed, like everything is working out for you- best time ever right!?

that’s what I thought!

So how do we go into every new year feeling that way?

First we’ve gotta make a list of all our wins (now’s the time to get out a pencil and paper). If you’re able to list a few off the top of your head you’re ahead of me already… ( I have trouble remembering what day of the week it is let alone what I did a few months ago). So obv start with the ones you can recall from the last 12 months. And when you can’t think of anymore I have the best little trick!

Tip 1

Hit up your camera or your google photo album and start looking at all the awesome selfies and pic’s you’ve taken over the last 365 days. Start with January and go through them all paying attention to every one that you’re smiling or having fun in!

Look for road trips or outings you took, any events you attended (online or in person), and all the memories you’ve forgotten about. Remember to write down everything that makes your heart warm cause these are the wins that are going to help you go into the new year strong and confident.

Tip 2

All done with photos? Time to go through our online or paper daytimer. This can help to recall even more events or occasions (and will be helpful if you’re not a crazy picture taker like me). Again start in January and look for coffee dates, job interviews, weekend road trips and anything else you wrote in there. It’s important to write everything down even if you may not think it’s important. ( I once had 6 interviews in one month – I got none of the jobs but it turned into a win because I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone and grew as a person). 

Remember, we’re looking for any wins that will help us roll into this new year feeling blessed and confident!

Need more help ? Why not think about…

♥ any debts you may have paid off, a raise in your credit score or increase in investments

♥ new jobs, cars, homes, raises or haircuts you manifested

♥ any habits you quit or created (as small as drinking more water or as big as quitting sugar)

♥ any courses or class you took or anything new you learnt (or tried to learn)

♥ anything (or anyone) you released or set boundaries to

ok babe… so how ya feeling now?

I hope a bit more positive and confident on how the last 12 months went. In my opinion, this is exactly the feeling we need to be vibing with when we go into the New Year!

And if you plan on creating a new dream board or creating a New Years Resolutions list this is also the energy you’ll want to be surrounded by while you’re dreaming up new goals and manifesting that epic new life!

Bonus Tip

when going through your photos for memories why not delete all the duplicates and fuzzy ones, you could even categorize them and get some of your fav’s printed and framed!

Tamara xox