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5 reasons why infrared saunas should be on your selfcare list this winter

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frozen berries on a tree in the snowI don’t care where you live, it’s getting cooooold out there (ok, not for you kids living in the southern hemisphere… maybe pin this post for mid March 😉 ). But here in the North, we’re starting to turn the heat on, put on socks daily (except prob my sister -lol) and thinking about comforting meals like soup more often.

I don’t know about you, but I hate HATE being cold! – I’m 100% a sun worshiper – and there aren’t enough sweaters, socks, gloves or toques on the planet to keep me comfortable in the winter!

One thing that I discovered during my studies of nutrition and detox methods, and while I was living in the friged tundra of Manitoba, was infared saunas. Listen, I use to get so cold that I would be miserable miserable for 6 months straight! (now tell me if that sounds like fun). Finding out about these fantastic babies saved my life.


These little sessions not only warmed me from the inside out (have you ever been so cold in the winter that you just can’t warm up… like cold as f*ck to the bones- ya, well this will help)… but it was basically the only thing that kept me human.

I’ve since moved to a more appropriate climate, but ever since then I continue to religiously scheduled a weekly infrared sauna treatment for the winter season.

sauna roomThere are some major notes of why these sessions can be life changing (and not just a winter warmup – tho that’s enough of a reason for me).

1 Increases Circulation

Infared saunas penetrate deep into your tissues, at much a deeper level than a wet or dry sauna, and that in turn is going to work on increasing your circulation. This is pretty cool because, if like me, you get bone cold in the winter, activating your circulation will get your sluggish blood flowing and that will one-thousand % help with actually warming you up from the inside out! While working on your circulation, it’s also going to increase heart health, because, well you know… they go together!

2 Reduces Pain

The cold air that engulfs a city during the winter months can cause aches and pains that we just aren’t use to. But the subtle heat you feel in an infared sauna (it’s actually much gentler then a traditional sauna), has been known to reduce pain, increase joint movement and reduce muscle inflamation and soreness. Warming your joints and helping you move around like the young hot babe that you are (not the old lady you may feel like)?

3 Stress and Relaxationwoman stretching in bed

These sweat-sessions are also major players in the reduction of physical and mental stress, and no doubt they’re going to play a nice little part in increasing your relaxation too!! So bring a book with you, practice some stretches while you’re in there or just turn your brain off for a moment and do nothin’ babe (we both know you totally deserve it). And let’s not forget, with increased relaxation and a decrease in stress you may just find yourself getting better sleep!

4 Removal of Toxins

Even though it doesn’t feel like you’re doing much in there, don’t forget to periodically wipe off any sweat that you find accumulating, this type of sauna is so good at detoxing toxins in your bod and you don’t want that shit staying on your skin! While removing these nasty toxins it’s also been known to help with weight loss. And while it’s increasing your circulation (remember #1 up there?) it’s gonna be like a one two punch for clearer and tighter skin too!

5 Increased Immunity

The deep heat of the infrared sauna also does a fab job of increasing our immunity, which during the winter months is a more of a nessesity than a bonus. This happens hand in hand (in hand) with the circulation improvement, the removal of toxins and the increased water you will be drinking (right??right??)

relax refresh recharge signHere’s a few things you should remember before jumping into your first sauna sesh

Drink lots of water, before during and after (ok – always and forever!!!)
Don’t indulge if you’ve been drinking alcohol or toking up
If you’re sick or have a fever, it’s best to wait until you’re feeling better
When you’re done get up slowly and give your body time to cool down
Some people can get overheated (heat stroke and heat exhaustion) or dehydration, so take it slow and listen to your bod!

Now let me know… are you going to try out an infrared sauna? Come back and tell me how it went!