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you can put that lemon water down


Are you sick of the morning lemon water but still want the health benefits of it…..
Do you feel defeated because you can’t drink all the water your body needs in a day?
Do you get tired of the bland taste of water (don’t worry – even I do)….

Here are 5 alternative foods you can add to your daily water to boost your hydration and keep your health in peek condition!

We’ve all heard the news about how incredible lemon water is for our bodies. It’s amazing for digestion, helps boost immunity, alkalines your body, gives it caffeine free energy, and it is definitely a great anti-inflammatory! But what if the taste of lemons has become boring (gasp) and you just can’t take another sip? Here are my 5 alternative alkaline drink mixes that you should test out today to wake that sexy body up!!)

watermelon lime water1. Watermelon.

That’s right Watermelon! Watermelon is a major boss in the alkaline world and it’s a pretty great diuretic to boot. Filled with vitamin C, B6, lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids, blending this beautiful fruit will instantly turn it into a fresh juice that wakes you up, keeps you refreshed, hydrated and alkaline! Try it with a sprig of mint!

2. Lime.

As Lemon’s closest relative, Lime packs just as much of an alkaline and energetic kick as a lemon, but it will give you a nice change in flavours without sacrificing the positive health effects. Full of vitamin C, B6, potassium, folic acid and the all important limonene (used to aid weight loss and help fight cancer) Swap that lemon out for lime and drink up, show your taste buds it’s nothing personal.

watermelon mint water alternative3. Grapefruit.

Yup that’s right, Grapefruit is another super power in the alkaline world! Give a generous squeeze into your morning water (warm or cold) and your insides will smile with delight from all the vitamin C, lycopene and choline. As a great ally to heart health, this gorgeous fruit will boost that energy of yours (without the need for coffee) for that up & at ‘em feeling! Try mixing it with a teaspoon of honey to make it less tart.


This unusual fruit should not be overlooked as a morning juice alternative. One cup of it’s juice contains only 56 calories! Cantaloupe is filled with potassium, fibre, vitamins A, C, B1, B3, B6, folate, magnesium and vitamin K! Talk about a powerhouse fruit! Drink this with a side of warm oatmeal & coconut yogurt for a complete meal and an amazing start to your day.

woman drinking cucumber water5. Cucumber.

The beautiful cucumber is not just for salads (or spas) anymore! Because this veggie is mostly water, it’s a hydrating master that will provide mass re~hydration after that all important beauty rest. It’s amazing for flushing out toxins while regulating your body heat. Full of nourishing minerals like potassium, silicon and magnesium, get ready for your skin to thank you with glowing results. Have this one waiting chilled in the refrigerator for those late nights that you turn into early (rushed) mornings.

Lemon’s are still an amazing elixir for your body in the morning, but can be tough on your teeth & a bit tiresome to drink. So without neglecting that all too important morning glass of water, my suggestion is to try out these alternatives. You’ll very soon see that it doesn’t have to be boring to be healthy and you’ll reap the energizing benefits (your taste buds will thank you too)!

Tips to drinking more water through-out your day.

  • As soon as you wake up (& before any coffee or tea), drink two glasses of water (the first one is to quench your thirst, and the 2nd is to hydrate you). Try to make them between 4-600ml each. If you want to add a little lemon or lime juice, honey, a slice of cucumber or orange then that’s totally fine!
  • Every time you are thirsty, before grabbing a coffee, tea, soda, or anything else, to drink a glass of water *remember before you re-fill your coffee cup or go for another soda, you need to have another cup of water!
  • Each and every time you head to the washroom, gulp down a glass of water.

Within a few short days you should find this routine a welcome change & may also start seeing some healthy changes to your body, mind & spirit.

*note due to the increase in water, your body will most likely begin to show some signs of detoxing. Symptoms can include: headache, irritation, mood swings, light-headedness, muscle aches, & more. Just be aware & take it slow the symptoms should cease within 4 days or so.

xox tamara