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diy sugar scrub

diy sugar scrub

Body Self Care

Admit it, most mamas get some of their best self-care done in the shower! (sad but true?)

So today I’m gonna share with you an easy 3 ingredient DIY sugar scrub recipe that you can make in seconds! It’s totally customizable and really gives your skin a glow (perf for summer)

Ready to uplevel?



Grab your cutest jar, I prefer glass but plastic or tupperware works too. Make sure you have a lid that secures tightly as you don’t want air or water getting in there.


Get out some sugar, brown or white it doesn’t really matter (brown sugar is the least abrasive but can leave brown streaks in the shower, white sugar is good for all skin types)


Purchase some high-quality oil, each will have its own powers, so it’s a personal preference.

some oil highlights are:

🤍  Apricot Oil – great for sensitive, dry skin.

🤍  Avocado Oil – nutrient-rich and hydrating.

🤍  Coconut Oil – antiviral and antibacterial (look for fractioned coconut oil).

🤍  Jojoba Oil – anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

🤍  Sesame Oil – rich in vitamins and minerals.

🤍  Sweet Almond Oil – rich in vitamins E and K (also a natural UV blocker).


A few drops (10-15) of your go-to essential oils, some grated lemon rind or even dried rose petals is your final touch! This is your chance to get creative! Use your favourite scent, something you know will invigorate you in the mornings or help calm your nerves in the evenings.

some ideas are:

🤍  lavender for calm and sleep,

🤍  citrus can be refreshing,

🤍  eucalyptus is great when feeling sick,

🤍  rosemary or pine can wake up your mind,

🤍  also try something fun like vanilla, rose, candy cane or ginger!

Basic Recipe

remember, I wanted to keep this as simple as possible! so measure out approx 1/4 cup of oil to every 1 1/2 cup of sugar. you can use a spoon to mix it thoroughly or a food processor (just don’t mix too much or it’ll separate).