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Guess who’s back, back again Germs are back, tell a friend Guess who’s back, guess who’s back? Guess who’s back, guess who’s back?

anyone else love Eminem? anyways…..

Here it comes (again). Cold and flu season is back and there’s no better time than now to fortify the family immune system. Seriously tho, you do not want to find yourself behind the 8-ball here, scrambling to quarantine each family member as they hit the wall and fall victim to germs… Time to get ahead of the game so that if (when) you get sick, it’s not gonna hit so hard and your recovery is smooth and quick!

I began to create a top 10 supplement post and then realized that I really couldn’t do better than my comprehensive 2021 10 cold and flu fighters every mom needs. So check out this blog first, it’s full of some of my very best cold and flu season suggestions to start taking now (and to keep on hand always).

read it. save it.

So is that it? no. This year, I’m adding in a few fun bonus extras below that you probably have around the house already!

Add these all natural and 100% immune-boosting items to your daily routine in any way you can to help fortify and support you and your family’s bods!

#1 Honey

The properties of honey have been highly revered for centuries all around the world. It’s packed full of powerful antioxidants, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits and this is exactly why this magical food should always be on your counter. Buying high-quality, raw, unprocessed honey can last for years without ever going bad. Try it in some tea, spread it on toast, dip your apples in it or eat it by the spoonful to soothe a sore throat.

#2 Fruit (fresh or frozen)

Fruit, especially berries that are in season are so high in Vitamin C and there really isn’t anything better to support your immune system. Buying fresh (and local) is obviously best, but in the fall and into winter that can get tricky, so getting frozen is your 2nd best choice. Munching on blueberries, oranges, and pomegranates or adding lemon to your water can make a huge difference to the level of vitamin C in your system which is the key vitamin to help with immunity. When it gets colder making smoothies can be hard on the digestion, so try adding them to a fruit cobbler or sprinkling them on your oatmeal.

#3 Oral Health

One aspect of health that many people don’t prioritize when cold and flu season comes around is their oral health! It isn’t always enough to just brush your teeth if you want to keep germs from taking advantage. Flossing is a plus, but let’s take it a step further and oil pull! A centuries-old Ayurvedic ritual, oil pulling is the act of swishing a teaspoon of coconut or sesame oil through your teeth to clean, kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, all of which need extra attention during germ time. Always do this before eating or drinking in the morning and never swallow the oil (always spit it out in the trash as it’s full of bacteria and germs). If you’re already feeling the effects of a sore throat try adding a drop of two of oil of oregano to your oil pulling.

# 4 Sugar and Booze

If you know me you’ll know I’m a huge fan of concentrating on adding more goodness into our lives rather than eliminating things as it can feel icky and depriving. (plus the more goodness you add, the less room you have for all the bad stuff right?) But I’m going to throw it out there that sugar and booze are not what you want on your plate during cold and flu season. Listen, I know how prevalent they are during holidays and family time, but that’s also some of the most stressful and germ-filled times as well! So do your bod a favour and keep a sparkly eye on them! It could be the difference between waking up healthy or under the weather.

I hope you found my comprehensive 2021 10 cold and flu fighters every mom needs filled with helpful tips and supplements, and these bonus tips above as well!

wishing you all the best in health this upcoming 2022/2023 season




10 cold and flu fighters every mom needs

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