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5 ways your house looks dirtier

5 ways to make your house look cleaner and 5 things that make your house look dirtier

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I think there are 2 types of people out there… the clutter people and the clean people. Neither is wrong or better, and there are obviously extremes to both (I’m not here to get into any of that)…  but one thing that I hope we can all agree on is that maintaining a home, of any size or shape, is a pretty difficult thing to keep up with (especially if you have a family, a job(s), pets, hobbies, or a life)…

so let me help you out by sharing these 5 (relatively easy and quick) tips that can make your house look cleaner than it might be, and 5 ways that can make your place look dirtier than it really is!

1. entryway

Consider your entrance (the space both right outside your front door and directly inside your front door) the face of your house. It’s the first thing people see when they come over and we all know first impressions can make an impact.

Let’s start with the outside. Walking up to a space that is cluttered with leaves, has piles of wet flyers or trash is pretty yuck. A quick sweep to get rid of the debris (don’t miss the corners that can have cobwebs), and ensure the doorway is wiped clean of shoe marks and the mat is straight. If you have the space for a pot of flowers (real or fake) or a wreath it can really bring the space all together!

Now let’s head inside… piles of bills, clusters of shoes and thrown jackets make a space feel cramped and cluttered. Not the energy you want as soon as guests come by. Hanging jackets in the closet or on a coat rack, putting shoes away nicely and vacuuming or sweeping any rugs or welcome mats will make a huge difference here. Try to keep this space as open as possible as it’s usually a small space. Close the closet (if you have one) or use baskets or a bench with a hideaway for items like shoes, bags, hats, umbrellas, etc out of sight.

2. kitchen sink

The kitchen sink is often an overlooked contributor to making an area look much messier than it really is. Even a double farm sink is a small space (compared to the whole of the kitchen). It’s a space we use it all the time but we probably don’t consider the effect it can have when full of dishes (or even a streaky sink with just one spoon)!

The quickest way to a clean-looking kitchen is a clean sink. So empty that baby out, give it a good rinse and go the extra step in drying it off after too (trust me this step is pure gold!) I don’t really care what you do with all those cups and spoons, put them in the dishwasher or an empty cupboard for now (sometimes that’s all the time I have to clean before company comes). Bonus marks here for a counter that is also cleared up.

#3. Bedroom

Granted the bedroom may not be in your guest’s line of sight or you may be the kind who always closes the bedroom door, but even without people coming by, this simple act can turn the bedroom from frumpy to tidy.

Yup, you gotta make the bed!

Listen it doesn’t have to be that difficult (unless you have a shit ton of decorative pillows- but then again… if you did, you’d probably be the type to make your bed every morning). But quite honestly all it needs is a quick fluff of the pillows and a lift and drop of the blanket or duvet.

#4 open the blinds or windows

Letting in some fresh air and that bright happy sunshine can make your space feel, well, fresh and clean, and a bonus breeze can be a total game-changer by clearing out the dusty energy. But this will only be beneficial if your windows are clean.

Tell me what’s worse than looking out dirty streaked windows? (I’ll wait)

It just makes your space feel dirtier than it really is, but a quick vacuum around the edges and wipe down with cleaner, rinsing the curtains in a short washer load or dusting of the pull-away blinds is all that will also be needed here. Boom, it will not only make your space look cleaner, but bigger too!

and last but not least…

#5 piles of sh*t everywhere

Hey, I’m not one to shy away from a pretty and thoughtfully organized pile of important papers (that I will never ever ever get to)… but I think we can all agree it makes for a really messy space.

Whether it’s mail, magazines, receipts, books, or anything else you can precariously stack on top of the other or its toys (kids or pets) strewn all over the floor, it’s a distracting mess!

Picking these items up off the counter or floor may seem time-consuming, but I’m not actually asking you to deal with it – just to get them out of sight!! (baskets are super helpful here). Seem lazy? Ya kinda, but if you’re short on time and need your space to look cleaner than it really is – this can be light night and day.

Having a clean house used to be more of a symbol than I think it is now (what kind of symbol… you decide). But having a clean space (especially before company’s coming) doesn’t have to take you all day! Take these tips and enjoy your time with whoever is showing up to your place (do people still actually do this?) lol