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3 ways to wake up more rested and ready for the day

3 ways to wake up more rested and ready for the day

Self Care

Getting enough rest and feeling awake and ready for the day is a primary selfcare goal that everyone strives for.

But seriously, how the fuck is anyone supposed to make that happen with all the shit we have to get done and deal with on a day-to-day?

Listen, I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy… it’s not- fomo is real, but is it worth it?



The first step’s something we all know, but don’t consciously aim to get… and that’s enough sleep. 6-8 hours is a ballpark that most adults need to get. But girl… this means actually being asleep for 6-8 hours not laying in bed on your phone texting your BFF or that hottie you met last week.

Aren’t sure how to make this happen? Start with when you need to wake up (let’s say it’s 630am) and then count backwards 6-8 hours from there (about 1130pm would give you 7 hours of sleep). What does that mean? You’ve got to head to bed around 1045 and give yourself time to relax and fall into a slumber.

Tweek it every few days until you find your sweet spot- it won’t always take that long to relax and fall asleep, but when starting something new it’s always a good idea to give yourself more time (and patience) than you expect to need!


Right, so you have the quantity of sleep but does that even matter if your sleep is shit? Quality matters baby so make every minute of that sleep count.

I know I know… how right?

Now it’s time to support your sleep through your environment to make this sleep thing oh so fuckin’ good!

Let’s start with clean sheets and comfy (aka sexy sleepwear), naked is one way to go and many people swear by it. The thing is, you don’t want to be stuffy, hot, too cold or uncomfortable… you’re gonna be in this for the next 6-8 hours!

Next is ambiance, you need to create a dark room (the darker the better) this includes removing the glow from your phone, watch or alarm clock (jk… what the fuk is an alarm clock). Black-out blinds are an incredible help or you can try a sleep mask (my go-to fav)!

Not only are you in your jammies for 6-8 hours, but you’ll be breathing in the same air for that long too, sleepy scents (like lavender or a specific sleep or unwind essential oil) can help you get into a dreamland mood and if your room is too hot, cold (aka dry) a humidifier/oil diffuser can be magic!

Next to scents, sound is key. If you can’t do quiet or if you live somewhere with lots of sirens or animals (like noisey chickens or the party animal types) the sound of soothing waterfalls, white noise or even your fav ebook is perfect to have in the background (this can also help with people who’s minds tend to run around with forgotten items on the to-do list or even making a new to-do list for tomorrow).


Now it’s time to support the crap out of your mind and body to help make this sleep thing a habit! Think warm milk and turkey sandwiches, but sexier!

Relaxing your body is key after a hectic day of stress and shit and magnesium is an easy to take supplement (that 99% of women are deficient in). This baby helps with relaxing our muscles and brain while calming our nerves.

To relax your mind think good ol’ fashion Camomile tea, it’s also great for calming our mind and getting us ready for some slumber (as is passionflower, hops, and valerian root) and even reishi mushrooms can be a top bff for helping you find your zzz’s. Making a tea out of any of these is a great start. And if your mind is the type to race around when your head hits the pillow try White Chestnut bach drops to calm and stop those thoughts in their tracks.

These three simple but essential pointers can really up your sleeping game to a level where you seriously notice a difference… and nowadays isn’t that the only reason to do anything?

for more tips, check out these 5 easy evening rituals to create the best evening sleep ever! and let me know how it goes.

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