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2022 holiday selfcare gift guide

my 2022 holiday selfcare gift guide!

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Some may think that it’s a bit early to start thinking about Christmas decorating and holiday shopping, but for me, it’s more of a season than a day or two of celebrating and it’s such a magical time of the year – I try to stay in a happy holiday spirit as long as possible!

I love putting decorations up early and I keep them up as late as possible (probably later than most people do) did you know, studies even show people who put up Xmas decorations early are happier!

This is my second annual selfcare Christmas gift guide and I couldn’t be more excited to share some of my absolute favourite lux selfcare products that are not only created with love and passion by woman-owned businesses but many of them are locally made/owned too!

Whether you’re looking to fill your own stocking (yes mama- nothing wrong with putting you first!) or looking to spoil your bestie, your sister, mom or any other super-woman in your life. This go-to guide is sure to be filled with your newest obsessions.

here we go!

Baths are synonymous with selfcare. It’s a time when you can be alone, and soak all your worries and tension away, but we all know you can’t just bathe in regular ol’ water, that doesn’t sound relaxing. My BFF Kelly-Rae from Kitchen Witch Bath and Body Alchemy has you covered here… she’s created a line of bath bombs that go beyond selfcare, they’re filled with a goddess-like amount of cacao butter, witch hazel and the most incredible essential oil mixes and I promise you you’ll leave the bath feeling like a brand new human. Put a few Yuletide Blessings and After Eight bath bombs in your girlfriend’s stockings and stash a few Winter Forest (which are now permanent) for when you need a Xmas pick-me-up mid-January! As always you can get a sweet discount using TAMARAMARIA

One of my favourite routines I religiously complete every morning before I begin anything else, (especially in winter’s dark months), is to light a candle. It gives me a sense of peace and my space a sense of sparkle and tranquillity. The thing with candles is that you really need to get good quality ones (breathing in toxins sucks) and Kyla at Wild Roads Aromas makes some of the most lavish hand-poured soy candles with only the best essential oils out there (and they’re phthalate/paraben free). I fell in love with the scent of Oat, Milk and Honey when I picked it up at a local market, but you can’t go wrong with any of her amazing creations, like Marshmallow and Vanilla or West Coast Woods. These would look so pretty under the tree with a little bow! Pick up a few for your friends and family today (I think signing up for her email list could get you a discount)!

Know what goes great with wine? I’m glad you asked… RockCoast is a local Vancouver Island Chocolate factory that makes drool-worthy chocolate treats and it goes perfectly with wine, ice cream, a bath, or an after-dinner walk… you name it, it’s perfect! I’m a sucker for a box of chocolates anytime of year, especially their salted soft caramels and they’re such an easy gift whether you’re stopping by for a holiday drink or meeting someone new! These gift boxes even come with a bow so it’s pretty fool-proof. I’m sure they give an online discount if you sign up for their email.

Selfcare also means having goals, a schedule (or routine), and a beautiful place to not only keep said goals and routines but an inspiring one that will encourage you to keep going every day no matter what life throws at you. Justine at GoalChasers has come up with an incredible way to help busy moms, entrepreneurs and the everyday badass women stay motivated without feeling overwhelmed and like your never-ending to-do list never ends! Her 3-month undated planners not only give you guidance for daily gratitude but keeps things so simple (and beautiful with that lux vegan leather) that you can’t help but check things off and feel like the accomplished bad-ass mama that you are! These planners are seriously perfect for any woman you know whether she’s building a 6 figure empire or stays home with the kiddies (or both)! Use code GOALS20 for 20% off these planners and let’s start chasing goals!

You can call me a typical girlie girl, but I know I’m not alone. There’s just something fun and enchanting about a shiny piece of jewelry during the holidays (and throughout the new year) that makes me feel like a queen! My recent addictions, obsessions, I mean addition is from a local shop called Where Wild Things Glow where the creator Sadie uses local wildflowers and eco friendly rein to create one of a kind masterpieces. My latest piece is this beautiful Queens Lace ring! I’m sure you’ll find something perfect for everyone on your list, from rings to necklaces and earrings. She is giving everyone here a 10% discount if you use TAMARAMARIA. Go show your support and find your next obsession, I mean piece.

Scents can do so much for a person’s mood, they can relax you, take you back to a beautiful memory, revive your tired brain or even calm your nerves. Candace from Soak makes some unbelievable soaps and has created some lux scents for the holiday season – from sugar and spice (and everything nice) to peppermint that is actually sprinkled into her soap bars to capture the bright, fresh scents of the season. These will keep you in the holiday spirit all holiday long, and aren’t just perfect for your own place (seriously easy to impress any guest that comes over), but the perfect gift when you’re invited over for a holiday party! Candace is sharing the code TAMARA10 for 10% off anything site-wide, so stock up now and remember sharing is caring!

christmas giftsSpeaking of coffee (weren’t we?) I’ve gone back and forth with switching my daily cup of coffee with mushroom coffee and this last switch has been the one that stuck! Mushroom coffee is gaining more and more favour out there and Four Sigmatic is the OG for a good reason. I’ve linked my go-to ‘think’ blend with lions mane, but you do you babe! You’re going to love the smooth way this coffee gives you energy and focus without the crash or craving of traditional caffeine and don’t you want that for your loved ones too? FourSigmatic has a number of different products and I’m sure you’ll find something for everyone on your list, use TamaraMaria for a discount!

I fell in love with these cute and inspiring shower affirmations slides from Jax Kelly this year and I think you’ll love them too. They stick on your shower wall with a bit of water and remove just as easily! I’ve added them to friends’ birthday cards and love trading them out every once in a while to give me the motivation and love I need at any given time. They’re so cute and seriously just what anyone needs to start or end their day! I’m gonna recommend you get a few sets (for you and all your favourite babes), they’re inexpensive and really, it’s little things like these that can make a big difference in your day! (plus hurry- I think they’re on sale!!)

Cold, dry winter months can cause our skin to tighten up and feel yucky, so I’ve been using this totally lux oil from Routine called sexy Sadie that keeps my skin (and hair) feeling hydrated and fresh. Routine has been around for a while (you may know them for their natural deodorants), they’re a locally owned, sister-owned, natural beauty company that strives to compliment your pheromones without compromise and to honour nature. If you and the favourite people in this world aren’t using their products yet, this is the perfect time to introduce them to it. Signing up for emails will get you a discount as well.

I hope you enjoy all of these selfcare gift suggestions and take advantage of all the discounts these small businesses are graciously sharing! It only takes a moment to like them on social and share with your friends too 😉

Thanks again for spending your time here on the blog, let me be the first (hopefully)

to share a Christmas card with you!