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2021 selfcare gift guide

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can we just take a moment and be grateful

for getting through the last 21 months?!!?!!?!!

*insert huge squeeze hug here*

I mean there’s a good chance we didn’t make it out without at least some scrapes and bruises, some extra pounds (and pains while working from a homemade desk aka bed), but we made it… and now I think it’s high time we celebrated the greatest (and my most fav) time of the year with some of my most fav kick-ass selfcare gifts!! (and just for funzies, I’m keepin’ it aligned with a few of my 7 steps to happiness)

breathe and simplify

Breathing keeps us alive and our breath is directly correlated to our heart beats and that, in turn, is connected to our sense of wellbeing (ex, when our breath is quick and hard to catch, our heart rate tends to increase as does the feeling of ‘fight or flight’).

The special items I’ve chosen here are meant to help you get back in tune with your breathe and support you in becoming more consciously connected with it while maybe giving you the inner calm and strength to say no to everything that takes up too much of your time and energy, especially during this holiday season.

all kinds of kind braceletsThese gorgeous bracelets made by All Kinds of Kind are my all time fav way to wear all the crystals I’ve grown addicted to. They come with a base of either white stone or matte onyx and the choice of gemstones is (nearly) endless. I have a few, (but not enough lol). Wearing them not only gives me a pretty thing to concentrate on when it’s time to pause, but they have some really wonderful ways of giving back that make this purchase a win win. Signing up for their email should give you 10% off your first purchase. Take my advice and get more than one!

Casa Betina is a gorgeous local, woman owned, Canadian company that makes all natural soy wax candles from scratch using inhouse blends of essential and premium certified fragrance oils that will burn clean with no soot, making it safe for your home, your pets and the environment (and the scents are seriously delisious and luxurious). Elizabeth’s Portuguese heritage drives her passion and her products are just gorgeous from start to finish! It’s the perfect companion when I’m sitting around in the evening just relaxing my stress away. These candles are really high quality and if you order through her website use code tamaramaria for a little 10% off!


wheelhouse studio mugStaying hydrated is uber important on a regular basis, but when you’ve pushed yourself too far (hello pandemic), are stressed out and exhausted (oh hi holidays with the fam), it’s even more vital. We’ve all heard we need to drink (a lot) more water and I know it can sound daunting, so hopefully these beauties will help keep that sexy bod topped up!

The epic lady Erica behind Wheelhouse Studio is a local B.C. gal who is making some simple, gorgeous, versitle mugs. She also has the very best sayings on these mugs and she’s coming up with new one liners all the time! These mugs are big enough to keep you super hydrated (or tipsy- depending on what you fill it with) and she’s been gracious enough to share 10% off with your orders if you use code WHS10!

On the topic of hydration, I know first hand how bland and boring plain water can be (I’ve spoke about different ways to change it up here), but I also wanted to share this really pretty book by Tori Holmes with tons of creative and pretty ideas for new ways to drink water! Beauty Water. I know this will make a great gift, cause when I got it as a gift I loved it 😉

rest, reflect and simplify

bathPositive mental health can be unquestionably supported by being conscious of our thoughts, our space and our energy. My goal for you is to give yourselves permission to take all the opportunities you can to R&R&R (rest, relax and reflect) this holiday season, and these gift ideas will 100% help!

Kitchen Witch

I know you know, but come on now… it’s about time (the time is overdue actually) that you took some restful reflective time in the tub. Whether you like baths or not with Kelly Rae’s bath bombs you’ll find the time trust me. (Kelly is not only a fantastic local woman owned Canadian company, but she’s also someone I’ve considered a sister-friend for over 20 years!) Kelly fills these lux bombs with so much cocoa butter that you won’t need to moisturize afterwards and the natural scents she uses aren’t overpowering or overwhelming they’re bliss. Because these are made by hand and in her kitchen, it’s best to order lots and often- if she stops making one (aka pumpkin spice or after eight) and they sell out… well, you’re shit out of luck. Want the best deal? order the seasonal box or sign up for the subscription box (and use tamaramaria10 for 10% off)!

I’m a total sucker for soemthing pretty pink and especially with sayings that give me the energy to get up and grow more. So I obv love these cards from Love Powered Co! Sometimes I tack them up on the wall or mirror and other times I find one in the pages of a book I was previously reading (I’ve even seen one of my teen boys go thru and find one he needed), but every time they make me stop, reflect and feel better! These gorg ladies Anna and Lindy (who are local Canadian women too) are sharing 10% off with the code selfcare10. This code also includes their teen and mini cards for the mini’s (or teens) in your life- which I love so so much, cause it’s never too early to start being mindful and positive and remember that there is so much to love in our world!

Own Your Stigma own your stigma sweatshirtis another amazing local Canadian company that is making talking about mental health easier and you know I love that! Their clothing is so soft and comfy, easy to take care of and they have so many different designs and statements that I’m sure you’ll find something to suit your specific cause or passion. I’ve got a bonus 15% off for you if you use code tamaramaria15. Wear these everywhere you go and start a conversation that could change someones life (or view)!

Have you ever Sage Smudged your house? I find it much easier and more condusive to resting, reflecting and simplifying my life when my space is cleared and clean. aeriessence makes beautiful smudge sticks with (my fav) addition of roses in the tied up bunch and you can find them on her site (p.s she’s also a local Canadian woman based company)! If you’ve never used a sage smudge or don’t know much about the history I’ll share that Indigenous peoples have actually burned sage for centuries as part of a spiritual ritual to cleanse a person or space, and to promote healing and wisdom. I love the way my home and mind feels after a good smudge. Feel free to shop around even more as she has great crystals, teas and more!

nourish your mind, body and spirit

Holidays are for indulging (carbs, wine, sugar, late nights) but for selfcare sake, no guilt please (which usually accompanies the extra stuff mentioned above) so I’m going to include some simple no fuss add-ins so you don’t have to feel guilty ok!

The mushroom lovin’ peeps behind Four Sigmatic have made it their primary biz to use the amazing benefits of medicinal mushrooms to upgrade our lives. They have mixtures that can help focus, adaptogens that help calm and a basic mushroom blend that goes well in coffee, smoothies, baking, soups and more! using code tamaramaria will give you 10% off your purchase! So try adding this to everything, you won’t notice it’s in there by taste, but you’ll notice the benefits (calmness, clarity, patience, resiliency, energy) I promise.

I also think the idea of nourishing our minds and spirits is largely forgotten, and what better time than the holidays to sit and read or listen to a good book! The audio book I’m addicted to right now is called a tribe called bliss by Lori Harder, She brilliantly talks about breaking out of superficial friendships and finding the tribe we deserve while reaching our true and highest potential. It’s the audio book I fall asleep to most often and take long my walks with (is it weird that I feel like we’re already bff’s even though we’ve never met, umm hello Lori?)

We’ve all been through a lot the past few years, and I really think it’s important that we begin putting our selfcare first every damn day. Whether it’s a moment of rest to breathe be still and reflect, a minute spent moving our bodies, keeping our bods hydrated so it can do it’s job properly, honouring the time our mind needs to be still, saying no when things are piled up too high or any other way you decide listen to body and care for yourself, I hope these gift ideas will inspire you to do just that (and maybe even share that inspiration with someone you love).

xox tamara