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forget resolutions, if you want to start the new year feeling blessed, confident and motivated try this!

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It never failed, the end of the year would come and I would think back on all the things I didn’t get done, all the forgotten items on my epic to-do dream list and on all the resolutions that I …. quit and then, feeling fuckin’ defeated, I’d start planning how I’d try to do better next year. I mean talk about depressing! What a shitty way to end the year (and start a new year) Why even bother I…

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mirror plate of crystals

5 crystals to always have on hand

I think I’ve always collected rocks. Shiny, colourful, fun shaped little stones that I swear have magical properties! This obsession was probably the beginning of my insane (ask my kids) collection of…

christmas gifts
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2021 selfcare gift guide

can we just take a moment and be grateful for getting through the last 21 months?!!?!!?!! *insert huge squeeze hug here* I mean there’s a good chance we didn’t make it out…


10 cold and flu fighters every mom needs

You know the feeling. A slight tingle in your throat. Maybe you’re ears get plugged, or your eyes feel heavy. You may feel thirstier then usual or find yourself heading to bed…