WoW! Seriously great work on Stress.1. I know it may have seemed like a lot of work (going thru all the shitty things that get your stress meter boiling) but it is really important (& eye~opening) to see where it’s really coming from. Have you noticed a difference in your stress level? Are you able to cope better? Are your major stressors easing up a bit? I hope so! (share your thoughts, tips & feelings in my exclusive FB group here dedicated to supporting you through this!)

As a follow~up to Stress.1. Here are some easy step by step ideas to help yourself out even more. (because it’s very f*ckin’ important to me that you start taking steps to support our mind, body & soul as often as possible) These are things that you should try to be doing daily in order for your body, mind & soul to be able to handle that nasty pressure better. You should be able to add these things while working on step one in Stress.1.



Food is life~giving, and when you eat processed, fake shit you aren’t giving your body what it needs to heal and grow on a daily basis. During times of stress it is even more important to feed yourselves whole foods like fruits, vegetables, dark leafy greens, whole brown rice, quinoa, and nuts & seeds. It’s an absolute must is to cut this crap out. The more Acidic the foods are that you eat  (fatty meats, processed fake shit, dairy, cheese, sugars and other fake crap), the harder it will be on your body to digest it because of all of the other work it is doing (dealing with the stress + trying to take care of daily living). Give your digestion a break by eating Whole Foods, chewing your food slowly & thoroughly (consider adding in a healthy smoothie or two a day). Don’t eat more than 2 hours before going to bed either as this will make your body work when it should really be taking a rest & healing!



This is broken into 2 points.

First of course it is meant to be a refreshing & detoxifying drink. Drink 2~3 liters of fresh filtered water a day.

A DAY!!!

It will help replenish your body & hydrate it. When you’re stressed, you usually sweat more so you need to replace that sweat with pure filtered water. And stressed people usually drink more coffee (and maybe even alcohol) to cope with the energy loss, headaches, tension, etc…. doing so depletes your bodies hydration. In order for your body to function properly you NEED to DRINK MORE WATER!! If you really have to, add lemons, cucumbers, apples or other fruit/veggie slices in there to help you out!

Secondly Water is important for relaxation. Taking a warm bath with mineral salts can relax, detox & re~balance vital elements missing from your body. Floating in SeaWater (or an Ocean) can have a hypnotic relaxing sensation that relaxes your body while cleansing your lungs & respiratory with the salt air. Minerals whether in a warm bath or in the Ocean can have a powerful effect on our bodies. They can draw out nasty toxins, reduce pain and improve balance. Hell, it may just be the 20 minutes you need to yourself in a day! Another great water tip is alternating between hot & cold (30 seconds cold to 1.5 minutes hot) in a shower. This can stimulate blood circulation, help breathing and release static energy from your nervous system. Warm baths have the most benefit when soaking for a max of 20 minutes about 30 minutes before bed time and Hot/Cold showers are better practiced in the morning before the start of your day.


cat yawn

Having a deep & restful sleep is extremely important whether you are stressed out or not. Without it your body is not regenerating & healing and no matter you think, you’re not going to wake up bright eyes & bushy tailed! Consider these awesome tips for a restful sleep:

Set an alarm to go to bed YES, a bedtime alarm!!!! (ideally you should aim for a bedtime of between 10-11pm. I know this may be hard to think about but what do you have to lose (reminder…. we want to lose the shitty stress!!!!)? if need be, start by going to bed 15 minutes earlier every night until you are closer to the ideal time) Make sure your bedroom is dark; no night~lights, no flashing cell phones or alarm clocks. Turn everything away from you or cover it with a cloth. Your body needs to know it’s bedtime and any type of light will trick your mind into thinking it’s not quite time yet. Try to have your room quiet but if you can’t sleep like that, try something soothing like waterfalls or other meditation sounds. The tv, radio or other distracting noise will keep your mind ‘on’ and therefore your body awake you’re just not going to get fully rested. Trust me! And last but not least Practice. Getting enough sleep is tricky, especially if you are stressed. If you need a bit more help try drinking a small glass of tart cherry juice (sorry… no vino here!) or go to your local health food store & ask for some Melatonin. Both are natural sleep aids that are non~addicting & can help you get the jump~start you need. I’d be more than happy if you got 6~9 hours of QUALITY sleep per night. Do your best & practice.



‘Mens Sana in Corpore Sano’ ~ ‘ A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body’ You may think that you have no energy to exercise, but it is so vitally important to good health & a stress free life that you really need to get some done daily. I’m not talking about going to the gym & lifting weights for an hour everyday & then running a 10k. But almost anything that will raise your heart rate, get you sweating and breathing heavier is what you should aim for. (*You need to raise your heart rate, a good sweat is ideal too). Need some ideas?

Swimming, taking the stairs, biking, jogging, tennis, hacky~sack, hop~scotch, dancing, running, jumping jacks, sprinting, lifting weights, lifting your baby, squats, running in place, lunges, baseball, soccer, line~dancing, playing tag, frisbee, yoga, pilates, wii~fit, skipping rope, hiking, inline skating, ice skating, volleyball, push ups, sit ups, pull ups, skiing, burpees…… get the idea? If you can’t find the time (quick lunges in the elevator, running in one spot while waiting for the bus, quick push ups or burpees during commercials) then you need to make some time.

Music/Yoga/Dance/Aromatherapy/etc: These are all grouped together but are just as important in helping your mind, body & soul become one again, & will help you reduce the stress. You can try one or two or all of these ideas & see which one(s) help you more. They all have their strong points, but are very individual ~ just like you & that shitty stress. Finding something you like & works for you can be tricky, just keep trying, you’ll find it. You can either find a group to join (yoga or dance), or talk with an experienced therapist (for aromatherapy), download some soothing music off the internet, or turn up your fav song & boogie! These alternative treatments should be fun & energizing, you should feel light & happy afterwards. More important then what you do, is the fact that you are doing it on a consistent basic. One of the most important things to practice during these treatments is to be Mindful. For someone being stressed out that is going to be something that is pretty new (you may not even know what it means ~ *being Mindful means putting your whole self into the task at hand, using all senses and every breath to be totally involved with what you are doing). It may be difficult at first to not think of your growing list of ‘to do’s’ (what to make for supper, when your report is due, etc, etc), but practice makes perfect right? Don’t be too hard on your self, just keep trying. Be Mindful!

Here’s a quick YouTube video of 5 basic things to try to do each day. Another reminder that may help 🙂

Deep breathes.
You can do it!
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The following is what you can look forward to in stress.3. (found here)

Meditation/Positive Thinking:

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