Stress. Ah, the other nasty S word!
Do you have stress?
Of course who am I kidding 😂😳 we all do….. Come on now, we can talk candidly about this shit right?
When do you get Stressed? Holidays? Weather changes? Work? School? Kids? Dinner time? Lunch Time? Tax Time? Mondays? Tuesdays? Weekends? Vacations? Paying Bills? Family Visits? When the Phone rings? When the Alarm Clock goes off?
Maybe you’re always Stressed?
Hmmm, wait a minute now, do you know what it’s like to not be flippen stressed out???

Stress can and usually pops up at the most shittiest times, it can hit you like a ton of bricks & make you cry out for your mama.
Stress can also build up slowly, quietly doing some serious damage all the while, until you are completely exhausted & don’t know what hit you.
Stress effects your body mind & soul & it zealously embraces every aspect of our human selves. Stress is all around us everyday and everywhere and everyone deals and responds to stress differently. There are also just as many ways to deal with stress as there are symptoms of stress.

Where do you stand?

What actually works?

Where do you start?

Although it’s true that without a little bit of stress in life we won’t feel challenged, but where is the line drawn between just enough pressure & too much stress?

Let’s talk for a minute about some of the actual damage that too much stress can do to a person. Have you heard yet that stress can cause more damage to a body then enjoying a burger and beer? wtf But it’s true, stress is like acid, pulsing thru our bodies eating away at our bones, muscles and cells and it can even leave a nasty taste in your mouth! There is adrenaline coursing through your body and it will leave everything in its path tired & exhausted. You just want to rest, you need coffee, f*ck you just need to cuddle up with something fluffy and catch a break!

When you have chronic damaging stress, your body can’t do what it’s suppose to do (mainly take care of itself) Stress can make us tense, forgetful, anxious and angry. If it gets too much we may even become fearful, have panic attacks, gain or lose weight, get indigestion and many other seemingly unrelated issues. Our hearts may physically hurt, pounding, irregular beating, palpitations and an increase in blood pressure in common. We can start sweating more (sexy right), have headaches and other body or muscle pains. This can leave us even more tired and unable to cope. You want to sleep, you need to sleep ~ but when you go to lie down you just can’t fall asleep because your friggen mind is racing around with thoughts you can’t stop! (sound familiar??)
When chronic damaging stress becomes too much for us mentally, things can go down hill really fast. It leaves us drained and without energy to finish (or even start) the day. We can feel alone, have difficulty starting or finishing a task & even making decisions. Stress can make people feel un~wanted, un~loved, ugly and like a total failure (but you are NOT!!!!) As you can imagine, these feelings can quickly turn into something even more serious. (like Depression or Anxiety)

Now you may be asking, with all these symptoms being due to stress, what the f*ck can we do???


Let’s try to think of stress as the symptom & pressure as the cause and if stress is the inability to cope with pressure well, so we really just need to learn to cope better! (I know I know, easier said then done!!)
Here are some steps you need to take to over come this nasty S word ~ STRESS?

First things First we need to find what’s causing the pressure (aka Stress). Now is the time to go & get a pen & pad of paper. We’re about to do some serious work!

Ready? Now sit is a quiet room, or fill a relaxing bath & grab a cup of tea. Close the door & let everyone know you can NOT be disturbed for a while. Take a few deep breaths. In thru your nose & out thru your mouth & relax…… ahhh, are you there yet?

Okay, let’s get down to work. I need you to think. When do you feel most stressed?

Is it work, your boss, or your job?

Is it Bills & or Debt?

Is it the simple fact that you don’t have time for yourself?

Is it commitments that you feel stuck in or forced into? Driving people around? Family dinners?

These are just a few examples, keep thinking until you have them all down. Take your time, this is an important step.

Ok, Time for our second list. Now we need to see what you can think of that would help. For each of your stressors or causes of un~wanted pressure you need to think of 3~5 things that you could do to release it. It doesn’t have to be f*ckin sensible or do~able right this moment, but thinking of all your potential options is what I want your mind to be doing ok!

Can you work less? Cut down on hours? Change jobs? Quit altogether?

Take an over~due vacation? Hit a spa or golf weekend?

Do you need professional help to sort thru your finances?

Do you need a hobby? More Friends? Time to just sit & relax? Do you need to join or leave a club?

Think of as many as you can, this could (& should) be fun!!

As wide & varied as the cause of your stress may be, pinpointing it & clarifying it so that you can work towards eliminating it is a very important first step. Your job this week is to find your top 3~5 Stressors & consciously try to find 5 simple ways to keep them at bay every day.
It’s ok to take your time, in fact this make take a while to straighten out ~ but don’t give up, this is important! Every little step you take every day will gradually add up. I promise!

Deep breathes.
You can do it!
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