kitchen detox

Let’s get together & give your Kitchen a Detox!

This is a great way to Spring Clean or to prepare for the Cooler months.

This workshop will  begin with aproximately 45~75 minutes of us looking through your cupboards, freezer & fridge to see what’s really hiding in there 😉  We will donate or repurpose any foods or ingredients unfavourable for your new health goals, as well as discard expired or over~processed items & make a list of easy, healthy replacements.

After your cupboards, pantry, counter, freezer & fridge are prepped & ready a trip to your local grocery store & or market will follow (45~75 minutes).

There we will go hand in hand, aisle by aisle, all the while learning and searching for new and exciting ingredinets, but don’t worry I will totally simplify what we are looking for as well as explain the difference between the foods your body needs & thrives on and the foods that your body doesn’t cope well with. (I’ll even include some tasty healthy recipes & treats)!

An average of 2~3 hours will be needed for both workshops.

Groups of 2-5 are most welcome (unfortunately only one individuals kitchen will be used for the workshop). This workshop also includes a weeks worth of new, simple, seasonal recipes to keep you & your family motivated & eating healthy!


Kitchen & Grocery Clean-Ups requires Full Payment in Advance & a minimum of  1 Week notice to Reserve your time with me. To make an appointment please click here!