Kitchen Detox

Kitchen Detox

Are you tired of looking at the same dusty, unhealthy, uninspiring foods in your pantry? Do you cringe when you open the fridge and see perfectly good veggies going bad? Are you fed up trying to find new and exciting recipes? Do you get lost at the grocery store only to come home with things you didn’t need? Do you get starry-eyed at the farmers markets and buy beautiful items only to come home not knowing what to do with them? Is your family bored with the food that comes to the table? Do you dread having to make another meal no one will thank you for?


Let’s get together & give your Kitchen a Detox! (this is a great way to Spring Clean or to prepare for the Cooler months).

This workshop will  begin with approximately 45~75 minutes of us taking stock of your cupboards, freezer & fridge to see what’s really hiding in there 😉  We will donate or re-purpose any foods or ingredients unfavorable for your new health goals, as well as discard expired or over~processed items & make a list of easy, healthy replacements.

After your cupboards, pantry, counter, freezer and fridge are prepped & ready a trip to your local grocery store, or market will follow (45~75 minutes).

There we will go hand in hand, aisle by aisle, all the while learning and discovering new and exciting ingredients, but don’t worry I will totally simplify what we are looking for as well as explain the difference between the foods your body needs, wants & thrives on and the foods that your body doesn’t cope well with. (I’ll even include some tasty healthy recipes for meals and treats)!

Some points of note;

  • An average of 2~3 hours will be needed for both workshops.
  • Groups of 2-5 are most welcome (unfortunately only one individuals kitchen will be used for the workshop).
  • This workshop will include a weeks worth of new, simple, seasonal recipes to keep you (& your family) motivated and satisfied while eating healthy!
  • Kitchen & Grocery Clean-Ups requires Full Payment in Advance & a minimum of  1 Week notice to Reserve your time with me. To make an appointment please click here!