Detox & Cleanse Info

So you’ve heard all about detoxing and cleanses. Your bff is doing a juice cleanse, your coworker is on a digital detox (maybe your brother is doing one too), they’re raving about the results and you want in!

But what is it?

how do you do one? (successfully)

and why would you even consider it?

Firstly, let’s get a few things straight.

  • This post will only talk about healthy ways to heal your bod and boost your health.

  • Rest assured this has nothing to do with deprivation, diarrhea or ditching the digital.

So what exactly does doing a detox consist of? And isn’t a cleanse the same thing?

Detoxification is a metabolic process that converts those nasty toxins in our bod into waste. The point of a detox program is to ease the release of toxins from our fat cells safely and gently (cause we don’t want them there anymore)!

A good detox program (like mine) will work to efficiently remove toxins like heavy metals, chemicals, cigarette & alcohol residue & a whole host of other junk from our bodies (think candida, excess fat, sludge, and even parasites). Once the waste (toxic waste) is released from our fat, it needs to be physically eliminated from our bod (safely).

A Cleanse on the other hand is a bit different (although it is very often used in conjunction with a detox). Cleansing is mainly done to clear out the digestive tract, some very common reasons for this include;

  • food allergies

  • skin rashes or irratation

  • bloating and gas

  • isomnia

  • mood swings

  • heart burn or acid reflux

The digestive system is critical to our health and well-being, by eliminating toxic, old, compacted fecal matter in our colon, digestive tract & intestines, we end up leaving our bodies sparkling clean and ready to effectively absorb all those nutrient dense yummy foods we eat!

In order to go about a cleanse program properly tho, it’s essential to clean up your diet and lifestyle (just like in a detox), which means more rest, gentle & relaxing exercise, a healthy regimen of herbal supplements (to fully remove any toxic build up in your body as well as things like parasites & candida) & as many items off my list of supportive detox additions (that are included in my program).

When the process of removing these nasty toxins out of our cells happens, they are actually released into the bloodstream, which usually triggers unpleasant side effects. This is why a good program and a knowledgeable coach is something to seriously consider.

Detoxes should include both diet & lifestyle changes, herbal supplements for organ support, and some seriously awesome supportive detox additions (like massage, yoga, saunas and more- find these ideas and many more in my list of supportive detox additions that’s included in my program

Detoxing is crucial for optimal health & should be considered 2-4 times a year (think of over indulgent times like after Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, or after seasonal changes like winter into spring)

Still not sure a detox is right for you? Here are 12 signs of toxicity, if you have 3 or more it’s something you should consider….

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