Candida Safe Crepes

My house had the best little family morning today. We started day 48 of the sugar-detox-candida-cleanse with these amazing sugar-free protein rich 5️ ingredient crepes!

Easy to make (want proof? My teenage boys made these all by themselves)

Super tasty and very healthy (ummm 5 ingredients…. yes please!)




2 tbsp Vega protein powder (we used vanilla Vega one)
2 organic free 🥚range eggs
1/8 tsp sea 🌊salt
1/3 cup ripplefoods 🥛milk
2 tbsp organic 🥥coconut oil


Mix ingredients together (it will be runny) and cook on medium heat on your ceramic pan (with a healthy dollop of some more incredible coconut oil). Let cook for 3-5 minutes until small bubbles form and the bottom is cooked fully cooked.

Flip CAREFULLY and cook on the other size for 2-3 minutes. Place on heat safe plate & place in warm preheated oven.

Top with your favorite fruit (we used fresh raspberries and🍓toasted hazelnuts) 🌰and freshly made whip cream (we made ours with left over chickpea juice) ❣️